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car speakers

  1. mark2gp

    Car Stereo / Speakers for home audio setup?

    Hi, Long term member, first post ever. ME: Am an avid music listener, especially classic rock and jazz. Have built up a decent collection of tapes(!), CD's, mp3's and FLACs over the past two decades. My audiophile history begins with desi Philips and imported Sony/Aiwa stereo systems to...
  2. M

    Can I use Car speakers for Home theater surrounding speakers?

    I have this thought for quite sometime. Why buy an expensive rear speakers or even front speakers when I can get high Bass reflective low impedance car speaker like Pioneer TS-WX306B 12-inch Bass Enclosure?? Anyone tried such things?
  3. P

    Car speakers for Onkyo SR508?

    Hii Friends, I am planning to take used Onkyo SR508 for Rs.20000. I have 4 car car speakers of 100w-RMS 4ohms (3way) made by Pioneer. My question is; Can I make a proper wooden enclosure for my Car speakers and use them with SR508? My budget is limited at this time. And one more question; is...