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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. J

    For Sale JBL GTO20M car speakers

    JBL GTO20M car speakers selling at 11k. It is new and unused . got it as gift. but not required as we already have another system. Around 9 months warranty remaining...
  2. A

    Car in the speaker

    My son decided to drop his Hotwheels into the Pioneer aj bs 22 from back hole and did it. How to remove it? Can I play the speakers with car in it?
  3. J

    Left speaker crackles but it's not the speaker

    this is my first time here but couldn't find answers anywhere from other sites. I have a 2015 Nissan Versa note that I installed 4 speakers into. I then went to Darells car audio to have a 4 channel amp installed for the speakers and a subwoofer with a seperate amp for that. My front left...
  4. Ghostrider

    For Sale Re: Soundstream Car Amp PCA4.260

    Friends, On Sale my 4 channel Soundstream Amp PCA4.260, its perfectly working fine and till now use to power by infinity kappa speakers and components along with infinity subwoofer powered by another mono amp Reason for sale: sold by car and not using addons in new car as of now...
  5. B

    JBL CS1215 Subwoofer [Honest Review] for Car and Home audio

    Hello Friends, Today we will be reviewing a Simple, Budget Subwoofer that goes by the name of JBL CS1215 or CS1215B. I was looking for a Pocket friendly, Sealed Woofer for my car and home use. I found this JBL woofer for quite a bargain at around INR 4k. The Woofer came with Factory designed...
  6. Santy

    One more post seeking suggestion for 4" speaker

    Hi guys I understand that Illusion electra 4.1 is one of the most recommended component setup for 4" dashboard system. But I guess its not available easily. Any other good option in coaxial if not a component setup in the range of 4 - 5k. How about Polk DB401? Or do you advise that I should...
  7. J

    Car Amp/Stereo Query

    I wanted to know whether Armageddon car amplifiers are available in India and how would the experts here rate its performance. For a good listening experience what configuration of an Armageddon amp and speakers would one advise if its to be fitted and gifted to a young chap. Kindly bear with...
  8. canchi

    Small car with automatic transmission

    Folks, Am looking for a compact car with automatic transmission. Budget 6-7 lakhs. As I understand it, Maruti Suzuki A-star, hyundai i10, i20 and new Dzire are the only ones with AT in this range. Any other suggestions?
  9. M

    Demo Car - Mutant - Delhi

    Guyz n Galz A good Newz for all the Delhites:yahoo: n the NCR(ies):p... Finally the Mutant Car Audio is there in North India, and the first demo car for all of you is done(right now only audio, within few dayz the video, security and led lightings will also be done)... The Car right...