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cassette player

Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. J

    Any one can record a 3khz adjustment tape

    I want to calibrate the speed my walkmans after belt change. Any one can record a 3khz adjustment tape for me let me know. I can give you a blank cassette tape.
  2. saurabhpach

    SOLD Nakamichi CR-5A 3 Head Cassette Player

    Hey fellow audioholics, For sale is the awesome Nakamichi CR-5A 3 head cassette player. Wife says I have too much stuff, so sadly this needs to go. I have another Nak which is good enough for my needs. The unit is made in Japan and runs on 120v. The Nakamichi CR-5A cassette deck is aimed at...
  3. cybervinay

    SOLD Mint Technics RS-AZ6 Analog Cassette Deck with Amorphous-Z head (SOLD)

    I am selling a few of my decks from my tape deck collection. This is one of the most modern 3 head deck and comes with Amorphous-Z head It was imported by my friend and he paid close to INR 23K including duties. Technics RS-AZ6 Analog Cassette Deck with Amorphous-Z head This has motorized...
  4. surendar

    For Sale Sony Walkman WM-FX407 Radio Cassette Player Sealed Pack

    For sale is a Sony Walkman WM-FX407. Unused and still in blister sealed pack. The headphone sponge appears to show some sign of deterioration due to ageing which can be seen through the packing. Otherwise in great condition. This model is from year 1994. Expected price Rs 10,000/-
  5. B

    Wanted looking for a Cassette Player / Deck - Bangalore

    I am looking for a Cassette Player / Deck - Bangalore. The player should be in excellent condition. You may contact me @ 9343769771
  6. surendar

    For Sale Brand New Sony Walkman Personal Cassette Player

    For sale is a brand new Sony Walkman from my collection. It is still in blister sealed condition. Model number : WM-EX150 Price : Rs 6000/- (Not negotiable) Prefer local pick up from my place. Can be shipped only to metro cities through Bluedart or FedEx at buyer's cost and risk.
  7. avinandan012

    Need a cassete deck/Player

    Hi I am looking for a decent cassette deck or player for my father. He has a huge collection of 70, 80's & some 90's cassettes. The old Philips player he has is on it's last legs. Any suggestion will be helpful. thanks Old / New does not matter. If it's old should be in full...
  8. Music Freak

    Nakamichi BX1

    Hi all, I'm intending to purchase a Nakamichi deck at an affordable price. I have been offered Nak BX1 at 7k. I would like to know if its worth that price ? If not, may I know an appropriate price I can ask for that ? Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks!
  9. Music Freak

    Need a Cassette deck

    Hi everyone, I started exploring the cassette "decks" only last week when I decided to buy a music system that can play the cassettes which have been kept unused since quite a few years. I found that the best brands in business are Nakamichi, Onkyo, Teac, Sony, Technics.. to name a few...
  10. rockarolla70

    Audio Cassette Housing - Inner & Outer Cases

    Hi ... can anyone let me know if there are any dealers who are manufacturing, stocking & selling audio cassette housing's in South India - the inner & outer cases. We are a few who still own quite a number of audio tapes from the yesteryears & still believe in keeping tapes alive. We have...
  11. I

    DVD/USB/Cassette Player

    Dear, I need a Compact Audio Player with facility to play almost all popular formats like DVD/ACD (WAV,mp4 & mp3)/USB/Cassettes etc with best Sound Quality. Will you please suggest soon??