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cd player

  1. S

    For Sale Cambridge Audio 340C CD Player

    Cambridge Audio 340C CD Player Location: Mumbai (Borivali-Dahisar) Purchased from "The Shop" on Dec 2011 Reason for selling: not using much as i have another CA DVD player Any issues: No issues with CD playing, No cosmetic issues but slight issue with eject button, works fine with the...
  2. F

    NAD 546BEE, Oppo BDP 105D, etc.

    I realize that these 2 products are not an apple to apple comparison, but here is my question: I would like to get a CD player and use its coaxial digital out to my DAC and preamp. I do not need features like its DAC capability, USB input, SACD capability, Bluray play, etc. ...just good sound...
  3. S

    Entry Level CD Player

    A friend is looking for an entry level CD player. Need something that will work well with a NAD/PSB combination. They don't have too many CDs and so are not looking at investing too much.
  4. S

    Dap vs streamer vs cd player

    Hi, Thanks for taking a look. I have just started to dip into hifi and wanted some suggestions on a good source I currently have mp3 of random quality I have from college times. Iam in the process of procuring speakers and already have an amplifier I would be mostly playing digital files. I...
  5. Rupam

    CD/Cassette Player recorder with Mic input

    Hi, I need a CD/Cassette player with microphone input. This will be used for teaching Foreign Language. The Preferably a good quality boom box with Mic input which can record directly from external mic. The system will be able to record the voice of the students from external mic to...
  6. aeroash

    For Sale Marantz CD6002

    For Sale Marantz CD Player CD6002 in good working condition, with power cable and remote. Price: 5,000/- Age of the player: 7yrs; i'm the second owner; purchased from a forum member in 2009.He purchased the same in 2008. Location: Mangalore. Not too thrilled about shipping, interested...
  7. R

    Do CD-R damages the CD player

    Hi, I recently heard one technician advising that audio CDs recorded on CD-R damages the CD player itself. He advised to stick to original CDs only. Did some searches on internet but could not find anything on this. Could some of HiFiVision members -- expert on this subject -- through some light?

    Cd player

    I'm looking for a used but excellent condition AUDIO CD PLAYER with REMOTE CONTROL.. preferably Marantz / Kenwood / Philips / Yamaha / Nakamichi / Denon / Onkyo / Akai / Rotel local sellers from Mumbai only please PM me with your offers Thanks
  9. S

    NAD CD Player repairs in Mumbai other than Lakozy?

    Is there any NAD CD Player repairer in Mumbai other than Lakozy? Gopal
  10. amit11

    Pioneer DV-3052V for CDs

    Hi Friends, Has anybody experience on the player Pioneer DV-3052V for listening to CDs? Around 3 months back I had purchased amplifier Yamaha AS-500 and Tannoy Mercury V4i. I do not have a CD player / nor any CDs. I currently listen by connecting my iPod to the amplifier. The shop from...
  11. B

    First Hi-end audio setup-Suggestions Requested

    Hello This is my first post in this wonderful community.Although I became a member today,I have been referencing the forum quite a lot for the past few days for getting member reviews. Anyway,not to digress-I plan to get my first hi end audio gear -stereo setup- for only listening to...
  12. I

    CD Source with Marantz PM6005

    Hi folks, its my first post in HF Vision and I am so unable to take a stand about my CD source. I just bought Marantz PM6005 mainly due to its on-board DAC CS4398 which i heard same as Marantz have in its CD6005 CDPs. I chose this model considering my budget and with a thought that I would...
  13. M

    For Sale Marantz CD6003 CD Player

    Hi guys, Up for sale is a Marantz CD6003 cd player that i had bought on this forum a while ago (original for sale thread here). Comes with original user manual, remote and a power cord. Unfortunately, there is no packaging, as it did not come with any when i bought it from its previous...
  14. V

    Wanted HI END CD player

    I'm looking for cdps' like Ayon/Esoteric/Accuphase/ARC/EAR Acute or similar. Budget 1L-2L depending on the product.
  15. A

    Buying CostlyCD Players-worthy during these days?

    Hi Fm, I could see people ready to spend whole sum of amount even equal to the Amps some times for CD Players. But i was surprised that even they dont support the DVD or the Digital input,More over Blu ray player also doest cost. Hence like to know the secret left behind owning a CD Player...
  16. M

    WHICH cd player BETTER Cambridge Audio Azur 351c vs Marantz CD6004

    Dear friends CURRENTLY USING DENON DCD - 510AE I GOT GOOD OFFER FROM MUMBAI BUYER http://www.hifivision.com/sale-owner/43597-black-denon-dcd-510ae-cd-player-mumbai.html I WANT TO UPGRADE TO PREMIUM PLAYER THAN THIS DENON Advice me WHICH cd player IS THE BEST AMONG THIS TWO Cambridge audio...
  17. sjith

    Technics SL-PG350 CD Player

    hi, I am a beginner in the hifi world anyone can give some details about the Technics SL-PG-350 Compact Disc Player Something written MASH in the CD Tray, whats it ? this can give a good sound quality like New era Audio CD Players Now I am using WD TV as a source to the...
  18. prajith25

    For Sale Complete musical setup (CA CD player, CA Amp and MS Aviano Speaker)

    Selling Complete musical setup (CA CD player, CA Amp and MS Aviano Speaker) for Rs 45,000 Reason: Upgrade plans 1. Cambridge Audio Soundworks CD player (Apx 2 year old, no box, no bill) 2. Cambridge Audio 650A integrated amplifier (Apx 1.7 year old, with box, no bill) 3. Mordaunt short...
  19. D

    For Sale Marantz CDP 5001 going cheap

    Marantz CD 5001 CD player in excellent condition is going cheap! Paid USD$300 selling for Rs4500. Comes with as new remote controller. Bought in Singapore in 2009. It is being replaced by Oppo BDP 103 I am based in Hyderabad but willing to ship to other locations if buyer pays for shipping...
  20. G

    Need info regarding entry level CD player

    Need info regarding entry level CD player: Thanks for giving suggestions regarding AMP and Speakers. Both are on the way. Will be getting it shortly. Now comes which CD player to buy. My friend suggest, dont go for DVD player. It got 5.1 sound. As I brought speaker and amp only to listen...