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Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
  1. Santy

    Are record labels responsible for killing CD sales?

    I wonder why most of the CDs released these days are lacking dynamic range. 9 out of every 10 CDs I bought have poor DR and it is really disappointing to say the least. Music is good but recording is anywhere between poor to pathetic to ridiculous. They sound clearly is compressed and I could...
  2. vikramdesigner

    Manufactured in india or england ???

    Hi Friends, I recently built my setup and planning to make my best cd collections. So i m looking for good quality recording with original label when it was released. (their costing was from Rs 299 to 599) the quality CD with labels like VENUS, TIPS, PYRAMID, EMI ....etc. Right now...
  3. A

    Group effort collecting Ilayaraja hits

    Hi All, The magician of 80s Isai Nyani Ilayaraja have done some great albums. Many are exceptional that you don't even need a booze or a fag to calm down. But unfortunately I couldn't lay hands on such marvels in good quality ( I am not talking about LPs here) my collection are only digital...
  4. V

    Wanted HI END CD player

    I'm looking for cdps' like Ayon/Esoteric/Accuphase/ARC/EAR Acute or similar. Budget 1L-2L depending on the product.
  5. K

    CD Cataloging Software

    Hello, We all have hundreds of CDs with us. I too have a lot of them. Recently while shopping for CDs, I realized that I couldn't remember everything that I owned and when I checked I have realized that I have bought the same album multiple times.Thought its time to catalogue my entire CDs...
  6. K

    TurnTables Sound better than Digital !!! - Really ???

    For people who don't want to read a long article, Here I document my Journey from -> Like (to) Hate (and then to) Love Turntables. Well before I start my rant let me first share my beginings , After reading about how turntables are the last word in audio fidelity , I had to try it. I wanted...
  7. M

    Remove Scratches from CD/DVDs

    I have a huge collection of Audio CDs and movie DVDs and would treat them like GOD and kept them with lot of respect, but then when I had kids these CDs became their play toys. Although I was under supervision while they played with it, they caught a lot of surface scratches and some deep ones...