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Home Theatre Systems
  1. K

    Amp for Home - ceiling speakers

    Hi Friends I bought a house where the previous owner has installed ceiling speakers in all the rooms and have given the output at one place in the hall. The speakers are Byford Audio CH705/5 with power 10W/100V and individual controls in all the rooms. I want to buy an AMP preferably...
  2. A

    Advice on fixing projector to ceiling

    Hi, I am tired of hauling and setting up my PJ every time i have to watch something. So thought I will have it fixed on my ceiling permanently. few questions: (1) What kind/brand of holder should I buy? in one of the earlier posts - one of the members mentioned about a shop on SP road -...
  3. I

    Stereo amplifier / setup for 10 speaker ceiling system

    Hi all, I've been setting up a music system for a hall of 1500 sft (commercial space). We wanted ceiling speakers from the beginning so we've got 10x ceiling speakers (specs below) installed in the false ceiling with parallel wiring to a central cabinet. I want help in laying out the setup...