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centre speakers

Home Theatre Systems
  1. grunthos

    Help with deciding on centre speakers

    I have 2.0 setup with Dali Zensor 7 floorstanders and a Denon X1000 When watching movies, quite frequently I find volume discrepancy between "dialogue-only" scenes and more "action" scenes - namely having to turn up the volume for the dialogue-only scenes, only to hastily having to dial volumes...
  2. chandu2106

    For Sale Tannoy Eclipse 3 towers and Tannoy Centre combo sale

    Up for sale of Tannoy Eclipse 3 towers and Tannoy Centre combo Best value for money home theater speakers. Purchase Date: FEB '17 Cost price : 54 K Asking Price : 45K (combo price) Owner : Primary Location : Bangalore (Preferred local pick up only, original packing not available) Invoice...
  3. S

    Centre speaker

    Guys I have monitor BR5 towers with marantz sr5007 , now I am looking to add centre speaker to my setup and looking on suggestions for the same.
  4. S

    Peerless driver for HT

    Hi, I want to build 1 centre speaker and 2 rear speaker. Only movie purpose and My AVR is Yamaha RX V-371. what will be best driver to build those. Tweeter section already choose Peerless - 25mm Fabric Dome Tweeter - SR10DT For woofer i am confused please help me on this...
  5. P

    B&W Center Speaker

    Hi Folks, I am in complete dilemma about which best center speaker to pair with my old but AMAZING B&W 603. I read mostly negative reviews on htm61 and htm62. Can anybody suggest which would be the best option for me? Does it make sense to go for a different brand other than B&W for my...
  6. V

    Wanted One 10" subwoofer and centre speaker to pair with HK AVR 335

    Hi, I am looking for a good deal on a second hand centre speaker and a SW 10inch or more to be used with HK AVR 335 cheers Vivek