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channel imbalance

AV Cables
  1. haisaikat

    One Channel sounding suppressed in Shure M97XE

    Hello All, My Shure M97XE reached almost 5 years now, very sparingly used, less than 100 record spins in my opinion. However in between for 3 years I did not use my turntable until last month I resurrected things. While the Shure played well initially but in one of the listening sessions...
  2. S

    Solution required for imbalance in left and right channels of HK6500

    Hi, I recently noticed two problems with regards to my amp HK6500-speaker combo. 1. Channel imbalance: Right speaker is louder than the left speaker. The imbalance remains consistent with increase or decrease in the volume. I tried listen to two different sets of speakers a)Dayton b652 and...