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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. P

    LG C9 OLED Buying group. Chennai.

    Just started doing in-depth research on OLED models and ended up on this site. After a lot of reading, I've finally decided to bite the OLED bug. Saw the group buy scenarios here and it sounded like a really good deal. I'm doing the initial groundwork at the moment. Looking to make a purchase...
  2. audiofool

    Arcam A29 - nightmare

    I’ve always been a ghost hifi vision user, skimming through posts of fellow enthusiasts and only recently actually signed up. Finally, my post follows as well. I only wished it were on a happier note however. Moderators, apologies. Posting wise, I’m a noob. Kindly move to the right thread if...
  3. Alfahath


    Hi PPL of Hi-fi vision. Awesome news for Chennai AV enthusiasts now power electronics is authorised service centre for DENON in Chennai. Now no worries in buying DENON products anymore. Power electronics is been in service hiend products for 40 years. For more details please contact power...
  4. surendar

    SOLD Speaker Stands with Atacama Isolation gel pads attached

    UPDATE: Sold and not available now. For sale is a solid bookshelf speaker stands with high quality Atacama isolation gel pads attached on the top plate. The stands were purchased from Sound Foundations about an year back. Condition as good as new. Price Rs 9000/- Prefer pick up from my place...
  5. C

    ONKYO Reciever DS676 - 5.1 channel

    ONKYO DS676 - 5.1 channel reciever - gently used in good condition- about 12 years old. This is a audiofile grade reciever delivering 110 Watts RMS/ch at 6 ohms and 85 Watts RMS/ch at 8 ohms. Frequency responce 20-20khz with 0.08% THD. Accepts inputs from CD/DVD/Phono/Tape/AUX and outputs incl a...
  6. Rajeshh

    Advice on Vinyl shop in Chennai

    I am a relative newbie to vinyl playback and i am throughly enjoying it. The whole essence of listening to an album in its entirety, in the order the artist intended & the warm natural voices, is a revelation for me. The sound quality from my modest TT, bests my high-end digital setup easily...
  7. V

    Broadband Chennai

    Hi Group I am back in Chennai after few years out of India. Trying to figure out what Broadband connection to take. Have figured out that Hathway is offering 150Mbps speed and 1000GB per month for around INR900. Was curious to know if people use Hathway and how they find it. I assume Hathway...
  8. V

    Need Help - Denon AVR390

    Hi Folks, Need experts view on the below, I own a Denon AVR390, bought from Croma Chennai, couple of yrs back & later discovered that this model is discontinued & does not entail for Warranty. I had issues in Demo/Installation from Profx & later Croma guys agreed to do it. I was satisfied...
  9. S

    Sony bdv-e390 Hdmi out not working

    Hi Guys, I have a Sony BDV-e390 bluray system that I have using since 2011. Something happened to this device that the HDMI output is not working. No signal output from the HDMI port. I tried with different HDMI cables. RCA video output is working fine. I took the device to the Sony service...
  10. S

    Help : LED Mount 48" Chennai

    Dear All, I imported a Samsung 48" LED. Trying to have it wall mounted. No luck from Samsung, The service charge is immense excl. Mount Charges. Any contacts of Good Professional Engineers whom you might have had to wall mount your LED's, would be great.
  11. I

    Audition Help Required

    Hello to all members... I am new to this forum and have been reading around several threads.. and the wonderful first hand information of products around. I am looking to buy an entry level floor standing speakers and possibly a subwoofer. I have read multiple reviews of the Andrew...
  12. S

    Panasonic AE7000 projector dealers in Chennai

    I'm planning to buy the Panasonic 7000u in Chennai and I'm looking for dealers. Please help me out.
  13. N

    Wharfdale MS-100 with Yamaha RX-373

    I am planning to get the following setup for a price of 55K in Chennai. 1. Wharfdale MS-100 speakers 2. Yamaha RX-373 AV receiver. Is any one in the forum owning the above mentioned wharfdale speaker setup? Any comments? The dealer in Chennai is not able to provide a demo of the same...
  14. R

    46 or 50 inch Full HD TV for 60-70K

    Hello Friends, I have been reading this thread for sometime and felt the opinions shared very interesting. I am sure you will be able to suggest me a good TV. My preference are as below: 1. Size: 46 - 50 inch 2. Technology: LED or Plasma (read good reviews about Plasma:), so including it)...
  15. R

    HiFi Audition in Chennai

    Hi Guys, I tried to search the forum with not much luck. Can someone please help me find places in Chennai, where we can audition AVRs/Amps/Speakers and buy them? Thanks a lot! Karthik
  16. R

    Hindi,Telugu Vinyl records in Chennai??

    Hi everyone, I recently got into this hobby and upgraditis has been a bug. I started with Emotiva (XDA-1)DAC and UPA 2 amplifier. The huge diffrerence in sound from my earlier set up of HK 3490 and Klipsch speakers got me hooked and been visiting forums and stereophile for what is out there...
  17. R

    Budget HTPC running XBMC

    Hi All, Am new here, and a newbie. Am looking for a HTPC. I don't have the money to buy a branded one (WD, Xtream, etc.) nor do I have the technical know-how to build one from scratch. Have read on this forum and others that if I can get my hands on a reasonably spec'd H/W, I will be able...
  18. M

    The Chennai Ripper - You Have Been Warned

    Hi folks! Just wanted to give you all a heads up about a certain "preowned" dealer: Prakasam, from Chennai... you see him all over quikr, though on quikr he posts his location as Bangalore. Now this story begins about a year ago, when I wanted to sell my Krell FPB 200 power amp, to fund my...
  19. surendar

    For Sale Vinyl LPs

    The below Vinyl LP titles are for sale. Most of them are brand new and sealed. Bought them recently for my listening but looking to sell as I need some money urgently for another purpose. 5% from this sale will go to the forum as a donation by me. 1) 1 by Beatles (2 180gm LPs, Gatefold...
  20. K

    5.1 for Onkyo TX SR-608

    Hi, I got a Onkyo SR 608 from US and I am looking for a good 5.1 to go with it. I have a budget or around 25k. I am leaning into Boston Acoustics Soundware XS but I don't see a store in Chennai carrying it. Can you please suggest if there are any alternatives to it or a way to acquire...