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class a

Home Theatre Systems
  1. cybervinay

    For Sale Quad 510 Monoblock Amp Pair, Quad 240 Stereo Amp, Classe CP-35 Pre-Amp and 1 Single Quag 510 Power Amplifier

    Quad 510 Mono-blocks Pair - INR 75K for the Pair plus shipping charges SOLD Quad 240 Stereo Amplifier - INR 25K plus shipping charges SOLD Classe CP-35 Pre-Amplifier - Asking INR 22K plus shipping charges Quad 510 Mono-block - 1 Single Mono Amplifier - Asking INR 30K plus shipping charges I...
  2. cybervinay

    For Sale Line Magnetic LM-503PA Monoblock Power Amplifier Pair - Single Ended 845, 300B 310A Driver Tubes 24W Per Channel

    I have on sale a beautiful looking and sounding pair of tube monoblock amplifier from Line Magnetic. Its the model LM-503PA Highly reviewed and got the red-dot award in 2017. Its a copy of Western Electric design from the golden tube era Its a single ended design with 845 output tubes driven by...
  3. bijinmb

    Jean Hiraga - Le Monstre 8W Class A Power Amp

    Hi Folks, Just completed Jean Hiraga - Le Monstre. It really is a Monster in all aspects. I have to say the amplifier sounds really really good. The sound seems effortless and gives the impression of a much higher power amplifier. Technical Details: PCB Dimension: 82mm x 101mm. PCB...
  4. O

    DIY: Pass F5 turbo v2 initiated

    Hi Friends, From a long time, it was in mind to have nice class A amplifier. Pass Amplifiers don't need my introduction. It's well known to DIY circles. I am churning out all available material on forums. As subject states I am referring this - http://www.firstwatt.com/pdf/art_f5_turbo.pdf I...
  5. D

    For Sale Marantz PM7200 Class A/B Amp excellent condition

    Selling the award-winning amp Marantz PM7200 for Rs27,000. It offers 25 watts a channel in pure Class A and it delivers in Class A/B 2 x 95 Watts (RMS into 8 Ohms), rising to 155 Watts with 4 Ohm speakers. A single push-pull amplifier, symmetrical circuitry with independent heat sinks...