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class ab

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. cybervinay

    SOLD 250 Watt Plate Amplifier for Subwoofer

    This is an old type class A/B plate amplifier I have bought long time ago and have used in few projects successfully. As far as I remember this is parts express model but currently replaced by newer models. The amplifier PCB / inside looks similar to on on this page from...
  2. vdevgon

    Restoring the PeeCeeBee V4

    PeeCeeBee V4 is a very popular and well regarded amplifier by Shaan. After experimenting with various amplifiers (likes of lm3886, Douglas Self Blameless amplifier, tda2050 , tpa3255, tpa3116 and many class Ds), the diyers itch urged me to experiment with something else as it happens with every...
  3. R

    will a class AB power amp work well with a pre for Master Audio and True HD

    Hi, Will the older class AB amps work well to support the dynamic of Master Audio and Dolby True HD ? I would like to know if a class AB multi channel power amp (example Sherbourn, Anthem or Parasound) will work well with a pre-processor that supports Master Audio and Dolby True HD...
  4. O

    It's class AB from Nelson Pass

    Guys! Many wondered Mr NP always designed amps burning power to produce heat in fascination of class A amps. But environmentalist be happy, there is one class AB too. Look at this - AB100 Class AB Power Amplifier - diyAudio This look straight forward and I am not building one now. ;)