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Wharfedale EVO4.1 Bookshelf Speakers
  1. cybervinay

    For Sale Spin-Clean Record Washer Vinyl Cleaner Pack

    I am selling this Spin-Clean Record Washer cleaner as this is not in use for some time. This works perfectly. Note that this has been used by me for some time and is not a new product. Asking Price INR 3500 shipped anywhere to India Message me if interested. --Vinay Arora
  2. P

    Cleaning of the Monitor Cones

    Hi people, Need help on the cleaning of the Active Monitors i have, YAMAHA HS80M white cones. In india its dusty, all thanx to the neighbouring desert state. so kinda static charge attracts a lots of dust on the cones. these cones are polypropylene cones. if anybody can suggest me how or what...
  3. H

    VFM Vinyl Wiping Cloth

    I was browsing through Items on sale at local More superstore as 26th Jan sale was on this weekend. Came across these cheap micro fiber cloth in the car wash section which would be idle for wiping Vinyls. I am attaching a picture of the same. Due to nature of cloth it is very good in attracting...
  4. M

    For Sale Lightly Used NITTY GRITTY 1.5 FI RCM

    Hi Folks, up for sale is my Nitty Gritty 1.5 FI RCM. It is about a year old and is something that has really help my LP's shine (pun intended!). If you are a serious vinyl collector, or a budding one, this is a must have gadget. It takes the sweat out of cleaning and it really, really cleans...
  5. M

    Remove Scratches from CD/DVDs

    I have a huge collection of Audio CDs and movie DVDs and would treat them like GOD and kept them with lot of respect, but then when I had kids these CDs became their play toys. Although I was under supervision while they played with it, they caught a lot of surface scratches and some deep ones...