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Mogami Cables
  1. A

    For Sale Van den hul carbon digital coaxial cable

    This is a 1m. single VDH digital coaxial cable (not a pair). The model is the First metal screen. ThIs cable features a linear structured carbon center conductor and shield in addition to the metal shield. More details at: https://www.vandenhul.com/product/the-first-metal-screen-halogen-free/...
  2. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale 3.5mm digital adapter cables for FiiO, Chord Mojo, etc. users

    For Sale are these high end rare-to-find audiophile grade adapter cables for DAPs and DACs with mini 3.5mm coaxial digital sockets. These were procured by me from specialised sellers in the US when I was using Digital Audio Players and DACs with corresponding sockets. As I no longer use those...
  3. N

    no audio from left channel pioneer avr

    since this morning there is no audio coming from left channel. in night it was working fine. Have done some testing: 1.) playing through USB ,IPOD sound coming from all channels 2.) HDmi - working good 3.) digital input : working good It's just all coaxial inputs which is suffered...
  4. vikramdesigner

    Cables for my new DAC

    Hi Friends , As most them know, will be getting Dac under $1200( anytime within a week) May be CHORD or SCHIIT or AUDIOLAB or REGA or METRUM Would like know the best qualty cables suitable for these dac to perform well.( also for my speakers too) Recommend any one brand so I can...
  5. T

    Will this cable work as a Digital coaxial audio cable?

    Hello, Can I use Bluerigger Subwoofer Audio RCA cable as a digital coaxial audio cable to connect my LCD tv to Sony HT-M55 (Mu-te-ki) home theatre system to get 5.1 channel audio. Here's the link to the cable: Robot Check I have already placed the order on Amazon India and will receive...
  6. Kannan

    For Sale THX Certified 5-meter 3-channel RCA Interconnect cable

    Interest Check: Listing MX reference series 5-meter 3-channel RCA interconnect cable. Pure audiophile grade, THX certified. Model 2578B. Sealed connectors with screw lock mechanism only found in the most expensive cables. Built like a tank and imported directly by MX. These can compete and...
  7. Z

    Unable to connect Stereo amplifier to Bluray Player

    Dear All I have a Samsung 3D Bluray player BD D5500, which has only 2 output connectors at the back. One is HDMI and the other is Digital Coaxial Audio OUT. I have a stereo amplifier, Marantz PM 15S2, which has only RCA Audio IN jacks. Pls. tell me how should I connect this bluray player to the...
  8. Santy

    Simple DIY: SPDIF output from Mobo

    I had this RCA socket lying with me for a long time, decided to try the SPDIF experiment which I had in my mind. I guess this can be done on any mother board with SPDIF header pins. Useful for attaching entry level DACs without USB or to save a USB port of PC. I opened the case and chopped...
  9. mks_sharma21

    coaxial input to optical output coverter

    please suggest where i will get a good and cheap coaxial to optical adapter .... for hd settop box coaxial out to home theater optical in
  10. S

    Optical wire or coaxial for Denon

    Hello All, Can i use an optical wire instead of coaxial one to connect my Creative Audigy 2ZS sound card with Denon 1312. Sound card has a 3.5mm jack labeled "Digital Out" S/PDIF coaxial output (please see below). Also could you please let me know how will the input plug look like...