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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. T

    HD 700 v/s HD 650

    Sennheiser HD 700 - Sennheiser's Queen In 2016 Sennheiser was kind enough to lend me their HD 700 for a home demo. And as you know, I already own the HD 650 (silver drivers) to compare them to. And thankfully, Sennheiser has also agreed to lend me their HD 800 in a few days, for a more thorough...
  2. ShutterX

    Has CD Quality actually gone down lately?

    I was wondering if the actual quality of recording in CD has actually gone down of late. I listen to my dads old CDs from the late 80's and 90's and they really sound good. I recently bought an old favourite from amazon, played a track on Media Monkey and the same track on Spotify. A and B...
  3. Rupam

    Website for mobile model comparison

    I found a good website to compare mobile models. It not only compares but also points out the advantages of better model. Here is the link : http://versusio.com/en A sample comparison of Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One http://versusio.com/en/samsung-galaxy-s4-vs-htc-one Very neat.
  4. Rupam

    Best budget Receiver (Rs. 30000/-)

    I have forsaken the idea of HtiB and now looking for AVR + 5.1 speaker. I would like to make a comparison between all the budget receivers and then ask your opinion about them. As I know here FM have much more experience with AVRs, they can point out the specifications which looks good on...
  5. Adhiraj

    Intersting article : Cable quality Vs. Performance

    Expensive HDMI cables make no difference - the absolute proof | Expert Reviews Interesting article , I wonder if the results will be similar when Analog line sources are considered .
  6. B

    LED TV war 42LH90QR (LG) vs UA40B6000 (Samsung)

    Hi Guys, Had been waiting so long for the LED TVs to come to sane pricing levels so that I can plunge in.. :D Looks like the time has arrived. :yahoo: Caught hold of a friend who has contacts with a local store and went to the store after hours and had an extensive view of the machines...
  7. unBound

    Google Squared for product searches

    Hi all, I am sure that most of us run into the problem of wanting to do comparison searches each time we see a new product or want to see a product and figure out how it stacks up wrt something similar. Yes, we scour through forums and manufacturer websites and comparison websites and hope...