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Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. Santy

    Are record labels responsible for killing CD sales?

    I wonder why most of the CDs released these days are lacking dynamic range. 9 out of every 10 CDs I bought have poor DR and it is really disappointing to say the least. Music is good but recording is anywhere between poor to pathetic to ridiculous. They sound clearly is compressed and I could...
  2. J

    FLAC Compression - file size difference (specific situation)

    Hello! I'm new here, and this looked like the best place to ask this, so here I am. I'm jtaylor991. So I've been ripping my CDs in Flack Compression Level 0 forever, and I have also downloaded FLAC from Bandcamp.com. So I have a mix of compression levels, most likely. I decided I might as well...