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computer audio

Wharfedale Diamond 11 Series
  1. Fiftyfifty

    Need a solution for computer audio

    Hi, My Mac Mini appears to be giving up. I have a lot of digital files - flac, wav, dsd, etc. I need a solution, like a dedicated music computer to play these files; It should ideally have AES/EBU or i2s out. But I can compromise and use Coaxial or USB too, if the other conditions are met; It...
  2. Fiftyfifty

    Zen and the Art of Cable Improvement

    I’m a big fan of computer audio. I use a headless, keyboardless, optimised Mac Mini running Audirvana+. My files are carefully sourced, several from HDTracks, and curated. The Mac is connected via a PS Audio Lanrover (reclocker/regenerator) to the Denafrips Terminator DAC. I didn’t want to...
  3. T

    Speaker suggestions for desktop - budget 30K / $500

    I am not an audiophile but an avid music lover. I primarily like Rock music, jazz, and metal and I like normal balanced sound slightly warm, not a bass head and neither can I stand the too harsh sound I am looking for a new set of speakers under 30000 INR or $500 then should I get a 2.1 Speaker...
  4. R

    Music PC

    I always thought I was getting the best computer playback on my ancient (kind of) computers. But for the curious mind! I came across this while trying to see if I need to upgrade. And I found this Amazon.com : Music Computing CoreMC 2 Elite Desktop : Electronics Now I am all miserable at...
  5. Kannan

    Active home audio setup with software DSP

    I don't know if something similar has been posted before. May not be the most audiophile method, but provides for infinite tuning options. I advice not to try this with any existing factory built/branded speakers by removing the passive crossovers. Any wrong setting can easily blow the...
  6. R

    USB-SPDIF converters thread

    Hello everyone, I am creating this thread as a place to share your USB-SPDIF experiences. The motivation behind this thread is - computer audio has already become a mainstream in India due to it's astounding price-performance ratio. It's kinda a bit late to wake up to such a discussion...
  7. R

    Let's talk digital!

    Happy New Year Everyone! Those who know me know that I am a hard core digital guy. There is only one way in which I have played my music in last two decades, the digital way. 2014, a new year, and a year of anticipations at that. What a better way to begin this year than by sharing how I have...
  8. C

    Best system for streaming music and playing CDs for around $1200

    Hi. I just joined HiFiVision and this is, in fact, my first post. I am looking to build a low budget computer audio system and I would really appreciate any help that I can get. My main source of listening to music is music streaming services like Pandora or MOG. I also listen to CDs and am...
  9. bhagwan

    CAT 7 - Ethernet Cable - Revelation Audio Labs - USA -

    Hello All ! I needed some CAT 7 Cable to connect my 2 computers; This is with J Play Mini - Version 5.1 Download | JPLAY - hi-end audio player for Windows I actually wanted to order these cables :- AUDIOQUEST RJ/E DIAMOND ETHERNET CABLE at Music Direct But they were a bit too steep in...
  10. Nikhil

    J Play 5.1 - 2 Box on Win 8 with ULTRA Mode & Hibernate ON

    Request to Moderators: Please split this thread ...
  11. naviworks

    Samson A6 active studio monitor-view

    After setting up a 5.1 home theater, i was considering entry into computer based stereo music in which samson was also a contender in the research besides Swans,Behringer and M audio. i almost made up my mind to go for swans, however got a fabulous offer for Samsons in which i got the sealed...
  12. S

    Budget HT+Music, with PC, possible?

    Hello there, This is Shibashis, my very first post, happy to be finally doing it! Before going any further, I must say that I am a 'noob' as noobs go, I am not a genius with physics, and so DIY will not happen for me. That is not to say I am a dumb-head, but physics and electronics are not...
  13. Y

    GOOD READ - "Q&A with Barry Diament of Soundkeeper Recordings."

    Source URL:- Q&A with Barry Diament of Soundkeeper Recordings | AudioStream Most importantly this Barry seems to be very happy with Compuetr based set-ups! "Some of you already know about Barry Diament from his CD mastering days at Atlantic Records where he was the mastering engineer for...
  14. MADMAX

    Basics Of Computer Audio

    Hi, I found a great resource for all you want to know about compute audio. It has a plethora of knowledge for beginners like me. The Well-Tempered Computer Enjoy reading :licklips: