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  1. Black_Hawk

    Norge 2060 - Help Needed

    Hello, I'm planning to get a simple stereo setup for my room and have decided on the Wharfedale Diamond 220 along with a Norge 2060. However, my scenario is that I want to connect the Norge 2060 to my PC where all my music files are stored. My PC has a Asus Xonar DX audio card. I would like to...
  2. A

    For Sale Msi Ge62 2Qf 4k gaming laptop

    Hello Again For Sale Msi Ge62 2Qf 4k gaming laptop. One year old. Under warranty (extended warranty). i7, gtx970m, 8gb ram, 1tb hdd, 4k 15.6" screen, steelseries rgb keyboard, Spdif (optical) Out With Dynaudio Dac, Hdmi 1.4 And Mini Display Port For Upto Uhd 60fps Output. Perfect...
  3. D

    Suggest me good Integrated amplifiers for my Digital Music?

    Hello members, I love to be in this audiophile family. I've been gaining a lot of knowledge just by browsing this site and it's been a wonderful experience. FM's are really knowledgeable and supportive. I get help from random members in PM too which amazes me by how much...
  4. P

    What Should i buy for power cuts?

    The area where i live is experiencing frequent power cuts. Last year my computer Motherboard got fried due to a sudden power cut. I'm afraid that will happen again. I wanted to ask what should i buy in order to deal with this issue- a stabilizer or a power Surge Potector and which brand to...
  5. R

    For Sale Sony Vaio SVE14A15FN in excellent condition and 20 months indian warranty + gifts

    Hello, Decided to sell my Vaio SVE14a15fn laptop which is in gun metallic color. Moving to macbook air. Maintained very well and used very rarely. Original Screen Stickers have also NEVER been peeled. The price and rating on flipkart is 61000 and 4.4 stars out of 5. Specs: i5...
  6. Rupam

    playing 48 FPS on computer

    Hi, Just wondering if it will be possible to play 48 FPS video files on computer. Can anybody give links of 48 FPS videos. Just wanted to see what the hype is all about? Thanks
  7. A

    Best setup for computer/home audio and tv under 1 lac

    I am in a fix. so i would appreciate it if you people could help me out. I have a room of about 400 sq ft for which i need to setup a new sound system. The emphasis is on sound quality for listening purpose and that there has to be a subwoofer. i want to set up a system that i can...
  8. M

    Hercules - Speakers

    Dear @LL Presenting before you the 5.1 Channel Speaker Package for your : 1). Computer/Laptop 2). 5.1 Channel DVD Player etc... The brand Hercules & Thrustmaster are among the best IT Product brands, manufactured by Guillemot Corporation, HQ in France. They deal with all kind of IT products...
  9. A

    Hello Friends

    This is my first post in this forum. And i guess, after a tiring search in Internet it has not been wasted after all. :D I need your advice to upgrade my sound system in PC. The following things i have sorted out so far. So please advice 1. Sound Card: M-Audio Audiophile 2496 2...
  10. S

    can i convert a LCD tv to a computer monitor?

    I read something about the DVI input. can i actually use a LCD TV as my computer monitor screen? Can someone explain to me in detail on how to do so? what models of various brands support this feature? thx a lot!