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  1. Z

    Connecting 2 amps to 1 pair of speakers

    Hello FMs Please help answer one query. Present Scenario: I have a 2 channel amp connected to a pair of Jamo C809 floor standing speakers. The speakers have 2 pairs of connectors at the back. I have connected the 2 channel amp to one pair and the 2nd pair is free on both the speakers...
  2. A

    Suggestions on Cables and Interconnects

    I finally decided to buy 7.2 Ch setup.My Setup includes 1)Denon X2300W 2)F.S-Sonodyne 2605 V3 3)Rears-Sonus R-ears V3 4)Surrounds-Sonus 1501 v3 5)Center-C2501 6)Subs-Velodyne Impact 12 7)Source-Pioneer BDP180 8)42"TV Now comes the crucial part, as I am new to this HiFi world, I'm in...
  3. Y

    Volume settings - AV Receiver and integrated amplifier connection

    I have a Marantz AV SR6003 receiver and a Arcam a38 integrated amplifier. For music I directly use Arcam and for movies I am using the AV receiver. The AV receiver's front left and right pre-outs are connected to integrated amplifier's inputs. Integrated amp has two functional modes - As an...
  4. D

    Need help with LCD display resolution.

    Hi guys! I need some assistance in setting up the display/resolution for my LCD. I had recently got a 42" Panasonic LCD (Model: TH-L42E6D) which I'm using together with my HP laptop (Model: HP Pavilion 15 - u018TU running Windows 8.1 64 bit. Display adapter Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000). I'm...
  5. R

    Connecting NAD 326BEE to Asus Xonar Essence STX

    Hello everyone. I've recently changed my sound card from Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio to Asus Xonar Essence STX. With my old sound card, NAD was simply connected from two Media Player inputs (2xRCA) to 3.5mm jack, which went into Line 1 of Creative sound card. I'm a little bit confused, how...
  6. G

    Will IPL 5 be telecasted in HD?

    Hi, I recently bought a LG 42" LW6500 3D Cinema TV. I was also given a free TataSky HD connection (Even though I already have an TataSky SD connection from 2005). The HD channels clarity is simply amazing. Just out of curiosity, will TataSky add more HD channels this year? Also...