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    Connecting Smart TVs to Internet

    Greetings Earthlings...! Has anyone used a direct connection to the TV, ie without a router. My 51E550 does not bring up the browser for me to log in to Beam's http interface. Here's another little issue which, if resolved, can help me connect. If you guys can shed light on any of the...
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    How to Connect Marantz Amp, LCD TV, Sony PS2, DVD Player

    Hi, I need some information on connecting the following devices to LCD TV without changing the AV cables everytime. 1. Sony PS2 2. Moser Baer DVD player 3. Marantz Amplifier connected to Mission Tower Speakers. 4. LG 26" LCD TV. When I use PS2, I connect it to LCD Directly. When I...
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    Hi Guys With weeks of research, auditions and great inputs from members of this forum (including previous posts including a few very informanitve posts by venkatcr on connectivity), I have finally purchased the various compoenets of my long awaited home theater system. :yahoo: The final...