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  1. S

    Subwoofer with crossover intergrated |

    Greetings people, Thrilled to find a forum with audio enthusiasts from India. I was trying to procure KRK 10s subwoofer to go with my KRK 8" G3. I have a Behringer uphoria UMC22. It offers 2 out ports. Been looking for a subwoofer which comes with integrated crossover so that I don't have to...
  2. cybervinay

    SOLD Diatone P-610 Full Range Speaker Clone, Eminance Alpha 8A, Eminance APT 80 Super Tweeter, Pioneer TS-D1720C 2-Way 6.75 inches Car Speaker

    I am selling some of my old speaker drivers that I do not intend to use in future. Check them out. 1. Diatone P-610 Full Range Speaker Clone - Au-charm Leather Version Diatone P-610FB 6.5'' Classic Full-Range Speaker HiFi DIY Speaker 8ohm 25W This is in near mint condition. Used only to install...
  3. M

    Crossover suggestions for my surround speakers

    Hello forum, as you have seen Im bothering all the members here for months as Im building a home theater room[Kinda look like] in my newly built house. After long discussions, I have finalized the Sub as Taga TSW 200 and ordered from amazon but for some reasons the order was canceled. Also my...
  4. Kannan

    For Sale DBX 234XS crossover

    DBX 234XS: Stereo 2/3 Way, Mono 4-Way Crossover with XLR Connectors Features XLR balanced ins and outs Low frequency summed subwoofer output x10 range switch on both channels 40Hz high pass (low cut) filter both channels Phase reverse switch on all outputs Individual gain control on...
  5. E

    DSD (SACD) FIR based software crossover

    Guys! I want to introduce you to my recent development - software crossover for offline processing of the SACD DSD streams. Its core based on a FIR filter and provides direct filtering for delta-sigma streams, without any intermediate conversion into the PCM. Stereo DSD stream (inside a...
  6. T

    DIY 3/4 way ANALOG ACTIVE XO discussion

    Greetings to all of HFV. A special 'Mubaarak' and greetings to our Muslim brethren on the recent commencement of the holy month. Its been quite some time since I posted here, mainly because of professional and worldly pursuits. I do hope to make up for lost time in the few weeks to come ie...
  7. sjith

    DIY Bookshelf Speaker, Need Help

    hi, Need Help/Valuable Advices Planning to Build a pair of Bookshelf speakers what I have Foster 30 W magnetically shielded 6" woofers 4 pcs (planning to use 2 pcs first) Its from a Toshiba Projection TV while scraping a workshop in our are they are making custom speaker...
  8. A

    3-Way Passive Crossover

    hello - I have Bolton drivers purchased few years ago. i am planning to assemble them to be played with Denon D-F107. i know a speaker cabinet builder, who can make any design. What I am trying to struggle is how to buy/build good quality crossover. Any pointer/help is appreciated. I stay...
  9. Ashish_Jamesh

    Help me for Speaker Crossover related issues

    Hello Friends, I have few question for Speaker's Crossover 1. I would like to know that whats the difference in sound quality or Crossover efficiency if we change polyester caps with electrolyte caps? 2. Floor standing have 2 woofer, 1 mid, and 1 tweeter so why it having a...
  10. prepress

    Need Help

    Need Help with my speakers Dear Friends, I am using custom made speaker pair with my YAMAHA A-S500 amp. Each speaker includes 10" woofer (135mm magnet) + 4" Tweeter + 2.5" Dome Twitter, also used crossover and added glass-wool inside. The bass and treble is very good, but still seems there is...
  11. D

    DIY Floorstanders/Bookshelf: Help Required

    I am planning to build a pair of Floorstanders/Bookshelf speakers for myself. The basic usage would be to listen to old LP's on my new Denon 29F Turntable. I scurried around a lot but really didnt find find a good budget floorstander/bookshelf, I always felt them to be overpriced and hence...
  12. B

    Fixing the Crossover on Creative Insprire 7.1 T7900

    Hello Folks, I have this beautiful Set of 7.1 speakers that are mostly used to play Classical Indian Music Via Phone/Laptop/Pc Etc. Creative t7900 - Google Search Creative t7900 - Google Search Creative Labs Inspire T7900 7.1 Surround Sound system review - HardwareGeeks.com A...
  13. Adhiraj

    3 way driver selection

    Hey guys, Am embarking on a new project,thought of making a 3 way set.The drivers I am considering using are Hertz DS 300 -beautiful paper,92db sensitivity,and Italian,for the woofer cut off at around 180 to RCF L8S800- Mid/Bass also 92db,carbon fibre,and Italian,cut off around 2.2 Khz to...
  14. B

    Manually adjusting Crossover Frequency on Denon 2309

    Hi Friends, My home theater setup includes the following:- Denon 2309 AV/Receiver (100 W RMS/channel) Quad 12 L2 Front Left/Right (100 W RMS) Quad L2 Center (100 W RMS) Quad 11 L2 Surround Left/Right (90 W RMS) Definitive SuperCube III SubWoofer (650W Digitally Switching) PS3 for...