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customs duty

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. P

    Hand carrying Soundbar system to India from Kuwait

    Hello Guys, I am planning to carry a LG soundbar system with two rear speakers and one subwoofer with wireless router. Do I have to pay custom duty for this system? If yes then how much will it be?
  2. Akshit2111

    My Interesting little story :)

    Dear All So this journey pretty much started with a casual demo of a htib worth Rs 32k and being blown away ! some 1.5 years ago i remember bargaining with the dealer. Intrigued by this new found passion i started venturing into home audio a little bit. My sweet uncle while on a trip to canada...
  3. A

    Importing used (unboxed) Speakers to india from ebay.com

    Recently i saw an ad on Ebay.com for used Yamaha NS b20 speakers they are in very good condition. however they are mentioned as used . i want those speakers badly.I found another ad which mentioned as "New other"(opened Box) they are available for importing into india. how can i get them...
  4. noblejose

    How to get a Marantz stereo amplifier (used) from Europe (Germany) to Bangalore.

    Hey all! I've came across a pre-owned "MARANTZ PM 15 S2 Limited Edition" from Germany. My friend is there in Germany, but he travel to India only after 4-5 months... The present owner is a German national, who says he can also ship it to Bangalore and it costs approx 85 Euros, including...
  5. K

    Importing receivers from the US

    #6 - Importing receivers from the US Has anyone successfully managed to import their receiver from the US? If so, how did they manage? - Did they bring it back themselves? - Did they get a friend to bring it back? - Did they have the receiver shipped directly from the seller/site? How much...
  6. J

    alternative for marshall major 2

    hello well Marshall major 2 isn't available in India but i really really like it and want it , due to past experiences with my country's stupid custom laws i dont want to order from their website. any body know where i might find these headphones in bangalore ? or i would like to know any other...
  7. S

    Relocating to India

    Hi.. This is my first post here, so please go easy :) I have been living in Germany for the past 6 years and now i am relocating to India. I have a decent Home AV + HiFi set up. I have been upgrading over years and now finally have the dream set up (All bought / upgraded in recent 6...
  8. Nagaraj S

    What is the best way to import a speaker from abroad?

    Hi all, I need to import a speaker from abroad (from ebay UK). The speaker is a Tannoy FC center, which is no longer availlable in India. NEW Tannoy FC Apple 140W Three Way AV Centre Speaker | eBay (thanks to spirovious for sharing this) 1. What is the best and most economical way to...