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  1. A

    Importing used (unboxed) Speakers to india from ebay.com

    Recently i saw an ad on Ebay.com for used Yamaha NS b20 speakers they are in very good condition. however they are mentioned as used . i want those speakers badly.I found another ad which mentioned as "New other"(opened Box) they are available for importing into india. how can i get them...
  2. noblejose

    How to get a Marantz stereo amplifier (used) from Europe (Germany) to Bangalore.

    Hey all! I've came across a pre-owned "MARANTZ PM 15 S2 Limited Edition" from Germany. My friend is there in Germany, but he travel to India only after 4-5 months... The present owner is a German national, who says he can also ship it to Bangalore and it costs approx 85 Euros, including...
  3. haisaikat

    Find out how much money your AV gears actually cost to the dealers / distributors

    Found this information on a old thread and seems these sites like www.zauba.com records the inbound and outbound shipments to and from India and creates their database. As per this you will be surprised to know how much your gears actually costed when it was imported. As for my case, I paid...
  4. J

    Any contact number for the Bangalore Postal Service Customs office

    Hi, One on my packages from US sent through USPS is stuck at the Bangalore postal service customs office. When I called up Postal Service, they gave me this number 080 25589992 and this number never works :(. I got this number form Bangalore Postal Service help line number - 080 25589993...
  5. C

    Custom duty discussion on blu-rays imported

    So lately customs have started to charge min 33% duty for almost all amazon UK blu-ray orders placed by us. And specially this is happening from September. And if this trend continues it's gonna get costly for us to import blu-rays from amazon UK, which is like safe heaven for cheap blu-rays...
  6. A

    Need some advice regarding custom duty (when shipping from ebay China seller)

    Hi, I recently won an ebay bid on a Qinpu A3 amplifier for $108 + $48 shipping (Approx Rs 7150). It's a great deal considering the same is available in India for 11k odd. I'm concerned the customs might slap a very high duty on it due to limited knowledge of Qinpu product. Does anyone have...