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dac amp

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    Suggest me good Integrated amplifiers for my Digital Music?

    Hello members, I love to be in this audiophile family. I've been gaining a lot of knowledge just by browsing this site and it's been a wonderful experience. FM's are really knowledgeable and supportive. I get help from random members in PM too which amazes me by how much...
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    Wanted Entry Level DAC+Headphone Amp and Headphones under 20k

    Hello members, I'm looking for my first Head-Fi setup and am looking for members who are willing to sell their DAC with headphone amp. and a headphone. I can make upto 20k and i live in Chennai so local sellers i can come and get components from you. DAC requirements :- I primarily need a...
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    Anyone got TubeMagic DAC/Amp delivered to India?

    How long did it take, and what were the customs charges? Also, how is the sound quality when used as a DAC + preamp? Thanks for your inputs!