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  1. dinesh1201

    Wanted Need a DAC again

    Hi guys, recently I sold my Modi multibit here. Now that bug biting me again. But this time I'm thinking to go with some modest pricing and not want to spend much. Need a suggestion for another brands. How about between Quad Link-D1 and CA Dac Magic, are they good? :) or any other alternatives plz.
  2. santosh4

    For Sale Marantz NA6005 DAC NETWORK DSD PLAYER CS 4398 chip

    Dear Members, Time to move on, I am selling my Audio Gears one by one and the first one is my beloved NA6005. I am based out of bangalore, and I am quoting the price of 30k, please refrain from negotiating. Its in mint condition and I have all accesories that came with it. I dont have the BOX...
  3. A

    For Sale Weiliang Fully Assembled DAC AK4495

    I purchased a fully assembled DAC kit. The board is designed by Weiliang who is very famous in the DAC kit circuit. It comes with a AK4118 spdif and coaxial input chip and AK4495 dac chip. Both are high end chips. I used the XMOS U8 chip for the usb input which is again high end. Toroidal...
  4. heliumflight

    For Sale DAC- Chord 2Qute

    Hi, For sale DAC- Chord 2Qute in new condition. Just has a few hours on it. It has the original box and everything that came along. 86k shipped. -- helium
  5. H

    Question about DAC use with Marantz PM 6006

    I have a Marantz PM 6006 which is used to drive Energy CF70 floor standing speakers. The audio source is usually a Fiio X1 with a mix of FLAC and mp3. The setup is mainly used for music from the X1 Sometimes I use the laptop to watch movies. At such times will a USB DAC make a big...
  6. amit11

    Linear power supply vs battery power for DAC

    Hi Friends, I got a NOS DAC today and it came with its normal power adapter. I have read that linear power supply to a DAC can result in improvement of the sound. So my question is, should i try another power adapter (having linear power supply)? I also have one small RouterUPS, i.e...
  7. M

    Mobile DAC/AMP: Creative E5 vs Oppo HA-2 vs Chord Mojo

    Friends, I am trying to wet my feet into audiophile listening and looking to buy few items from US. So far I have Momentum-On-ear wireless with APTX and my tab too supports APTX. Although I am happy with my setup, can't carry tab during commute and not allowed in office as well. Hence I am...
  8. J

    Wanted Looking for DACs

    Looking for a good deal on a good DAC. Particularly interested in Schiit Modi 2/ Uber/Multibit, Oppo HA2SE, something in these lines. Can also consider a really good deal on a Chord Mojo/Schiit Bifrost if some kind soul obliges me.
  9. A

    Wanted Usb dac

    Looking for a good USB DAC. Budget is around 5k. Open for used items as well as brand new. So if you happen to have a DAC or if you're upgrading then please do leave a comment or DM. Cheers!
  10. M

    Hello From M2Tech (Italy)

    Dear readers, greetings from beautiful Italy. My name is Marco Manunta, I'm owner and CTO of M2Tech Srl, an italian company devoted to digital audio since 2009. Please visit our website for details: M2Tech Srl. We have new products available since July. Comments, questions and feedbacks welcome!
  11. A

    Chinese amplifiers and DACs?

    Hey guys, So I settled for the Dali Zensor 3 speakers. Currently running it in my HT setup for run in. Planning to move it into the room soon. Has any of you had any 'wow' experiences with chinese amps and DACs? I am curious enough to try one for the Z3. I usually shop on Aliexpress...
  12. cybervinay

    For Sale Chord 2Qute DAC DSD 128 DAC for 2 Channel System

    Great little DAC. I have used this for 1 plus year and have now upgraded to latest model from Chord. 2 Qute has got rave reviews all around. Check the product page https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/2qute/ Review Here https://www.whathifi.com/chord/2qute/review The 2Qute is our entry...
  13. D

    DAC/Amp for Headphones

    I am planning to buy a DAC for Sennheiser HD451/ ATH M50x. Please advise if I should go for Fiio e17k Aspen2 or Fiio e10k (or any other?).
  14. C

    Laptop+FiioEK10+avr.. ...or.....FiioX1+Avr.... need your help to decide..

    Hello all... Can you help me to decide which of these two options is better for a good and detailed music quality please... 1. Laptop with foober + FIIO EK10 + avr 2. Fiio X1 or Fiio M3 player + avr (E10K is a usb dac, and X1 and M3 are media players as i understand...) Thank you...
  15. amit11

    Unaltered data stream to USB DAC

    Hi Friends, Is there any way to know if a USB DAC is receiving the data stream unaltered? I am asking this in context of my schiit usb dac, receiving data from a) Ipad via camera connector kit b) Android phone via app "USB Audio Player Pro". [note, I have made the setting 'bit perfect'...
  16. K

    USB DAC/ Sound Card for Dell XPS 15

    Hi, I have a dell XPS 15 L502X laptop. I wish to enhance the audio with either a USB DAC or USB sound card. I live in Bangalore, India. My main usage is games and movies with occasional music. I will be using this with a 5.1 channel home theater and an audio technica ATH AD300 headphone. My...
  17. K

    For Sale ASUS Xonar U7 Mint Condition

    In mint condition with original box and accessories. ASUS Xonar U7 USB 7.1 soundcard. C-Media 6632A High-Performance Sound Processor Digital-to-analog Converter(DAC) Dual DAC Dedicated Cirrus Logic CS4398 for the main channels Dedicated Cirrus Logic CS4362 for the surround, center and...
  18. A

    DAC RCA vs DIY RCA using CAT 5 cable

    Hi every one, Need advise from you.. My stereo Chain is - Technics TT - Schiit Mani - Onkyo Receiver - Dali FS I bought DAC ARA040 2RCA Interconnect Cable and compared it with my DIY stereo RCA connector using CAt 5 cable 12" Length, played few of my fev songs 2-3 times and here confusion...
  19. forever.pramod

    DAC+AVR or Stereo Amplifier

    After a short break, I am planning for some add-on to my current HT setup for stereo listening. I am extremely happy with my Zensor 7 + Denon X 2000 + PCH-A410 for movies, but in stereo listening dept it never make me pleased. So, can anyone please suggest me, should I buy a separate DAC and...
  20. Y

    NAD d3020: Elac B6 or Dali Zensor 3 for small apartment???

    Hi, building my first HiFi... Planing to Buy a NAD d3020 (DAC to access all my music form a Mac Mini) + Elac B6 or Dali Zensor 3???. :sos: Small apartment, 70% Music (progressive house) 30% Netflix. Love to have big bass without external subwoofer... thoughts???