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  1. M

    Need help : Active Speakers with Subwoofer

    Dear FMs, I have swans D1010-iv bookshelf speaker pair (2.0). I want to use it for movies and want to add a subwoofer to them. 1) Please let me know how to add a sub to active config. I am thinking of yamaha or taga sub (as I am told taga is better than polk) 2) I use them with my laptop via...
  2. Kannan

    For Sale Audio Research DAC 8, digital to analogue converter

    Posting on behalf of a friend. AUDIO RESEARCH DAC 8 Complete with original company double box packing, and all accessories including power cord, remote control and original manual. In mint cosmetic and top notch working condition. 5 years old. Single user. Purchased from authorised Indian...
  3. amit11

    For Sale Schiit DAC - Modi Multibit

    Hi Friends, Putting up for sale my Schiit Modi Multibit DAC. Some details as below. Also attaching few pictures. Month of purchase : ~ Jan 2017 Period of use: ~ 8 months Reason for selling: Switched to NOS DAC (I have personal attachment to this DAC hence I had never thought of selling after...
  4. cybervinay

    For Sale Chord HUGO 2 DAC and Supra Micro-USB Cable Bundle

    I am selling my HUGO 2 DAC as I have upgraded to Chord Dave. Approximately one year old. I have the original purchase Invoice and will include that. No issues of any kind. All items in mint condition. I don't have original box. If you are interested in buying it than you might be knowing about...
  5. A

    For Sale QUAD Power Amplifier: Elite QSP

    Selling my massive tiny powerhouse, QUAD Elite QSP Stereo Power Amplifier for sale!! amp is indeed a very well engineered product, very robust and a powerful one with a rugged scratch proof construction! This power amplifier can be paired up with variety of pre-amplifiers like...
  6. U

    Amplifier or DAC for active speakers and headphones for about ~25K (sweet/warm signature)

    Greetings! I am looking for either an amp or a DAC though not sure what will be good. Most of the collection is MP3s, a few FLACs and libraries in streaming apps ~ rock, metal and related genre. The speakers are Marshall Stanmore and headphone is a 32ohm Beyerdynamic (not at all hard to drive)...
  7. drkrack

    For Sale DACs, Pre/Power Combos, Universal remote, Ipod - Closet Clearance

    1. Norge Professional 1200 Preamp+Power Combo: 90wpc at 8 ohms , Has Tone Control and Phono Inputs Drives almost any mainstream FS easily 2Yr Old/ 2nd Owner/ Cosmetically 9/10 , Working 10/10/ No other Accessories https://ibb.co/dfExWx https://ibb.co/eN54Bx Expected Price - Rs 14000 Cash/NEFT...
  8. koushik

    For Sale PS Audio digilink III (Cullen Circuit Stage IV)

    Hi Friends, Letting go my main DAC PS Audio Digital Link III. It is upgraded by Cullen Circuit to stage IV modification. I am second owner imported from eBay US. Regarding the performance it is in pristine & perfect working condition. No issue whatsoever. About the sound quality it is a...
  9. J

    Wanted Schiit Modi Multibit or Vintage R2R DACs

    Looking for a Modi Multibit or select vintage R2R DACs. Drop a message if anyone has one . Thanks
  10. S

    For Sale For sale: Chord Mojo & Oriveti New Primacy

    Item #1: Chord Mojo Description: Its the best DAC in its price range period. I do not really need to say morte about it - it is very heavily reviewed in hifi sites, and generally considered the gold standard in portable DAC/Amps. Can easily drive all headphones upto 600 Ohm and is absolutely...
  11. Gerry_the_Merry

    For Sale Accuphase Option Boards AD-20 and DAC-30 Excellent condition

    I am selling my two option boards DAC-30 (plug in DAC) and AD-20 (plug in phono stage) that I have been using with my Accuphase Amplifier. I bought these new from the Singapore Accuphase dealer 5 years ago. each. They have worked flawlessly and are in excellent condition for use over many years...
  12. D

    Budget stereo system

    I have been using computer speakers and Bluetooth speakers to listen music. Now I wanted to upgrade to a stereo music system. That's the reason I joined this forum. I have few doubts and need suggestions. 1. To my knowledge a stereo system needs a source ,stereo amplifier and bookshelf/floor...
  13. dinesh1201

    Wanted Need a DAC again

    Hi guys, recently I sold my Modi multibit here. Now that bug biting me again. But this time I'm thinking to go with some modest pricing and not want to spend much. Need a suggestion for another brands. How about between Quad Link-D1 and CA Dac Magic, are they good? :) or any other alternatives plz.
  14. santosh4

    For Sale Marantz NA6005 DAC NETWORK DSD PLAYER CS 4398 chip

    Dear Members, Time to move on, I am selling my Audio Gears one by one and the first one is my beloved NA6005. I am based out of bangalore, and I am quoting the price of 30k, please refrain from negotiating. Its in mint condition and I have all accesories that came with it. I dont have the BOX...
  15. A

    For Sale Weiliang Fully Assembled DAC AK4495

    I purchased a fully assembled DAC kit. The board is designed by Weiliang who is very famous in the DAC kit circuit. It comes with a AK4118 spdif and coaxial input chip and AK4495 dac chip. Both are high end chips. I used the XMOS U8 chip for the usb input which is again high end. Toroidal...
  16. heliumflight

    For Sale DAC- Chord 2Qute

    Hi, For sale DAC- Chord 2Qute in new condition. Just has a few hours on it. It has the original box and everything that came along. 86k shipped. -- helium
  17. H

    Question about DAC use with Marantz PM 6006

    I have a Marantz PM 6006 which is used to drive Energy CF70 floor standing speakers. The audio source is usually a Fiio X1 with a mix of FLAC and mp3. The setup is mainly used for music from the X1 Sometimes I use the laptop to watch movies. At such times will a USB DAC make a big...
  18. amit11

    Linear power supply vs battery power for DAC

    Hi Friends, I got a NOS DAC today and it came with its normal power adapter. I have read that linear power supply to a DAC can result in improvement of the sound. So my question is, should i try another power adapter (having linear power supply)? I also have one small RouterUPS, i.e...
  19. M

    Mobile DAC/AMP: Creative E5 vs Oppo HA-2 vs Chord Mojo

    Friends, I am trying to wet my feet into audiophile listening and looking to buy few items from US. So far I have Momentum-On-ear wireless with APTX and my tab too supports APTX. Although I am happy with my setup, can't carry tab during commute and not allowed in office as well. Hence I am...
  20. J

    Wanted Looking for DACs

    Looking for a good deal on a good DAC. Particularly interested in Schiit Modi 2/ Uber/Multibit, Oppo HA2SE, something in these lines. Can also consider a really good deal on a Chord Mojo/Schiit Bifrost if some kind soul obliges me.