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dali ikon 6

  1. kane

    Wanted Floor Standers

    Hello, I am looking for any of the following floor standers 1. Dali Ikon 6 Mk2 2. Q Acoustics 2050i 3. Q Acoustics 3050 4. Dali Zensor 7 If you have any of these for sale please let me know. Budget is 45000>
  2. R

    For Sale Dali Ikon 6 MK2 Speakers in excellent condition

    I am the second owner of these absolutely fantastic sounding speakers. I got them from the first owner in near mint condition for 75,000 after he had barely used it for a few months. I am the second owner. The condition is excellent, almost mint, actually. My expected price is 65,000. I can...
  3. S

    Marantz AVR & Dali Speakers

    Hi there, Just started my hifi journey. I have a Marantz 1402, all sources hooked to it. Looking for speakers, budget 50-80k Auditioned Dali Zensor 7 and Dali Ikon 6 Mk2. Liked both. Any opnion/option i should be looking at ? Reviews are confusing ... Been told that I should buy an AMP...
  4. K

    Best AV Receiver for Dali Ikon 6 - 5.1 Setup

    I have a Dali Ikon 6 - 5.1 Speaker setup at home with a 3D TV. I wish to purchase a suitable AV receiver to drive these speaker. My basic requirement is 3D TV capability, 5.1 speaker support, 5 HDMI IN and 1 HDMI OUT. The setup is in a room 24 ft. by 10 ft. with the viewing distance being 10 ft...
  5. B

    Audition - B&W 684, Dali Ikon 6, MA RX6, MA RS8

    B&W 684, Dali Ikon 6, MA RX6, MA RS8 Today afternoon took sometime off and went on auditioning the above speakers. Showrooms were literally empty and had ample time for the audtion without disturbance. :) Below are MY take the speakers on areas 'I' looked for. So don't get judgemental. You...
  6. I

    Dedicated HT Room Setup Help

    Hi everyone. I am from Ghaziabad and a newbie in the AV field and on this forum. This is just my II post and I am sorry, It is going to be a long one.;) We are having our new home built and have planned to setup a dedicated HT room. The building is still at a very early stage. We are...
  7. V

    upgrading the setup for my dali's

    guys, I am planning to upgrade (add more to) my existing setup for music. My current setup - ps3/onkyo 705/Dali 6 5.0 surround/ velodyne CHT-r15/ is very good for movies but i want to improve on the music part. I am planning to get a cd player/stereo amp added to the setup to drive my...