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dali zensor

Wharfedale Speakers
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    5.1.2 speakers for Yamaha RX-V585

    Hi everyone, I got an Yamaha RX-V585 AV receiver. I want a decent 5.1.2 setup (usage- movie:music=50:50). Living room size is 10×24 feet with viewing area 10×12 feet (couch 12 feet away from tv, rear side of couch open). I am thinking about Dali Zensor 3/5 as front LR, Zensor Vokal as center...
  2. M

    Speaker setup with Denon 2300w

    Hello guys! Before today I didn't know a place like this existed and in last 2 hours I have become a fan of this forum. Such genuine and helpful posts! Need a favour from you guys. Since you guys are an ocean of knowledge, your guidance will surely do wonders for me. My Home theatre...
  3. K

    Help!!! Need help on Sub Woofer Selection. :sos:

    Hello Everyone, I'm just a day old on HifiVision. Need your help :sos:. However I have been following this Forum a lot. I'm an amateur at this. After a lot of thought and research I have finally decided to put together my first HiFi Audio System. :yahoo: Dali Zensor 7 - Floor Standers...
  4. C

    Dali Fazon Sat 5.1 package

    I am planning to buy the Marantz NR1506 AVR. My living room measures roughly 14' L x 12' W. My question is concerning the 5.1 speaker package to go with the NR1506. 1. Has anyone auditioned the Dali Fazon Sat speaker package? There is hardly any user reviews available for this speaker...
  5. K

    what would u recommend- Dali Vs Klipsch

    hi to all audio guru's. plz help me decide speakers for living room before i start audition in the weeks to come in chennai. plz help me find the right setup. room size - 18 ft * 22 ft usage - 80% movies & 20% music budget 1.2 L future proof esthetic appearance of speakers is also...
  6. R

    Marantz PM5004,a bright little number?

    Is it just my ears or is the Marantz PM 5004 a bit bright? I've it connected to Dali Zensors 1 and the source is LG blu ray or Onida Dvd player. Previous set up was the same with the Sonodyne Sia 310 amp. That sounded alright. Even connected to the Boston Acoustics A26, it sounds a...
  7. V

    Need some help choosing speakers for a marantz pm5004

    This is my first post on this forum, so hello everybody! I recently bought my first serious sound setup (i had a nad 3020 and some reasonable russian speakers before, but let's just say they weren't really waterproof :D) but i haven't managed to settle upon the speakers. So far i bought a...