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dali zensor 7

Home Theatre Systems
  1. grunthos

    Help with deciding on centre speakers

    I have 2.0 setup with Dali Zensor 7 floorstanders and a Denon X1000 When watching movies, quite frequently I find volume discrepancy between "dialogue-only" scenes and more "action" scenes - namely having to turn up the volume for the dialogue-only scenes, only to hastily having to dial volumes...
  2. S

    Wanted Amplifier for Dali zensor 7

    Hi, I'm looking for a stereo amplifier w/ or w/o dac for my dali zensor 7 speakers.
  3. HiFiManish

    Hunt for perfect musical floorstanders for Yamaha 673

    Hello Friends, I had been running around for last 1 year in search of floor standing speakers with a budget of around 40 K. I am writing here my impression of different speakers obtained during auditions. My reference points for comparison (RP) I am having DIY stereo speakers. I have...
  4. S

    Nad c326bee VS Sony STR-DN840

    Hi. I'm looking for an amplifier for my Dali Zensor 7 speakers, and originally I was hooked on the Nad c326bee stereo amplifier, but then I was told that it might not be the best option when compared to other amplifiers/receivers within its price range. I have now found the Sony STR-DN840...
  5. S

    Marantz AVR & Dali Speakers

    Hi there, Just started my hifi journey. I have a Marantz 1402, all sources hooked to it. Looking for speakers, budget 50-80k Auditioned Dali Zensor 7 and Dali Ikon 6 Mk2. Liked both. Any opnion/option i should be looking at ? Reviews are confusing ... Been told that I should buy an AMP...