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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. C

    Dali IO Guys out Here??

    Hi ., Are there any Dali IO6/IO4 Headphone users here? Request you to please share your valuable feedback please. I am planning to get one.
  2. A

    For Sale Dali Zensor & Alteco Atmos speakers

    Back on sale is my Dali speakers Dali Zensor 1 (Pair) - 1 year old - 20K - SOLD Dali Alteco Atmos ( 2 pair ) - 1 year old - 45K Dali Zensor 7 (Pair) - 5 year old - 35K - SOLD QED Speaker cables with QED banana plugs included with speakers Condition : Excellent Condition, fully functional &...
  3. vicky_crispy

    Wanted Speakers and sub needed for 5.2.2 or 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos Setup

    Hi Guys, I am an enthusiast on a budget trying to build my first home theater setup. I was earlier using a Logitech Z5500 and currently own Logitech Z623. I recently purchased a LG C8 55" OLED TV, while I already own an Xbox One X. Hence the itch to get a full fledged home theater has started...
  4. A

    For Sale 4K UHD Atmos HT system for sale

    Hello FM's I'm planning to sell my 4K UHD Atmos HT for sale. Optoma UHD 65 Projector - 1 year old - 2.1L ( Includes Ruipro fiber HDMI cable & projector mount ) Marantz SR 6012 - 1 year old - 80K SVS PB2000 Sub - 1 year old - 80K ( Includes QED Sub cable & SVS Sound path isolation ) Xbox One X...
  5. G

    For Sale SOLD Dali zensor pico vokal centre speaker - 8 months old

    Dali zensor pico vokal centre speaker - 8 months old. Less used (less than 100 hrs) and mint condition. Shipping to anywhere at buyers cost. Reason for selling- moving back to stereo from surround. Warranty available. Purchase date -18 oct 2018 Expect price - 8800 Current price- 12k
  6. V

    SOLD 50ST60 Plasma TV

    Moving abroad. Hence putting my entertainment equipment for sale. Item available for inspection and demo at Yerwada, Pune. Shipping at buyer's risk and cost. Panasonic 50ST60 Plasma TV. Original box available. Very rare Panasonic ST series plasma offering very deep blacks and a very natural...
  7. tusharshukla1991

    Stereo setup in Denmark

    Hello All, I recently moved to denmark and thinking of setting up a stereo setup in my bedroom (as HT will be too much hustle) Anyway, the usage is more music (70:30) so i think stereo would be a way to go. I need quality n not loudness as I live in an apartment and don't want to disturb...
  8. anirudhchandrashekar

    Wanted Integrated Amplifier

    Any integrated amps for sale in Bangalore? I am trying to match my Dali Z3s, so I will need an audition and hence would prefer a Bangalore seller.
  9. D

    For Sale Magnat Supreme 200 Bookshelf

    Magnat Bookshelf speakers for sale. Practically brand new, listening time 10 hours at most. Deep Bass and articulate sound and quite powerful for its size. Asking price is 16000/- or best offer. Item in Hyderabad. Shipping may not be possible given the weight and size. But can be sent to...
  10. anirudhchandrashekar

    Which amp good to drive these bookshelf speakers

    Which would be the perfect amp to drive a pair of Dali Zensor 3s? I have read that they go really well with a Marantz. My hunt for speaker is over and might settle with a Z3. So now, starting the lookout for a matching amp. Please consider giving your inputs as I would love to get the...
  11. R

    For Sale Marantz PM6004 Amp + Dali Zensor 7 Floorstanding Speakers

    Only for local pickup (Pune). No Shipping possible. Marantz PM6004 integrated Stereo Amplifier: Purchased Mar 2013 from HiFiMart.com Condition: Physical 9/10 . Functional : 10/10 Current Market Price : Model not available. PM6006 is around Rs. 42000 Asking Price : Rs. 21000...
  12. A

    Speaker Cable n RCA Cable for Marantz PM6005 + Dali Zensor 3

    Hi, Guys I am using In-Akustik Star 16AWG for my setup Marantz PM6005 with Dali Zensor 3 & it doesn't sound right & i am also using Moniteur RCA by Real Cable for my tatasky STB which is also not sounding not up to the mark. Can any one suggest me what cables should i choose and from where...
  13. D

    Speakers B&W Dali KEF MA Paradigm

    Hi All, I want few products, mentioned here under. Hence, need suggestions, inputs from Audio Gurus here. 1. Projector: Currently using Benq HT3050, bought new last year. Its a good stunning projector, but getting tempted towards Epson-5030UB or Sony- VPL45ES. Read reviews, but its almost...
  14. A

    For Sale Dali Sub K-14 F subwoofer

    Category: Subwoofer Brand: Dali Model: Dali Sub K-14 F Purchased on: 1st February 2017 MRP: Rs.1,05,000/- Selling Price: Rs.69,990/- Purchased from: an authorised Dali Dealer (as per the distributor's site Welcome to Audio One) Condition of the sub: as-good-as-new; not a...
  15. K

    Dali Dealership!

    I think HifiMart should start a dealership with Dali. Just saying.
  16. K

    Polk 5.1 or Dali 5.1?

    Hi, In the next 24 hours, I plan to experience the following 2 setups - #1 - Polk AVR - Denon X1200W Floorstanding - TSx 440T Bookshelf - TSx 220B Center - TSx 250C Subwoofer - Pro 660 #2 - Dali AVR - Denon X1200W Floorstanding - Zensor 5 Bookshelf - Zensor 1 Center - Vokal Subwoofer - Dali...
  17. A

    Technics SA-DX940 amp first 3hr review..

    I got a change to get Technics SA-DX940 amp and took it home yesterday night. Connected it to BDP and Dali z5 speakers. Burned my All FLAC & few MP3 music files on a DVD (as an experiment as my FLAC files were not sounding good via USB), and just played 1st song Jya Jaley (Dil Sey)......... and...
  18. abhay2603

    ELAC vs Dali (Debut F5 vs Zensor 7) & (Debut B5/6 vs Zensor 1/3)

    So let me start off by asking my requirements : I want to create a good 5.1 system, but for the sake of this conversation i am not considering central speakers or sub-woofers. Because sub-woofer can be added later on depending on the demand. And as for central speaker, that will depend on which...
  19. ShutterX

    Finally tested repaired Yamaha AX-350 Amp

    After recently getting a 15 year old Yamaha AX-350 amp, i am finally ready to jump into hifi. Since my budget allows me to go for bookshelf speakers, the 35 wRMS (at 8 ohms) that this amp makes is good enough for me to use. So i carried it over to a nearby hifi store to try it out with decent...
  20. N

    Speakers for my first ht

    Hi all My Room Size is like 10x12ft I have been auditioning speakers regularly and have shortlisted some. They are as follows: These are fronts and my budget is between 40k - 70k Monitor Audio BX5 ~ 70k (FS) Dali zensor 5 ~ 50k (FS) B&W 685 S2 ~ 60k (BS) Monitor Audio Bronze2 ~ 40k...