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dealers in bangalore

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    Floorstanders under Rs. 50000

    Hello Experts I'm looking forward to stepping into the world of good sound and shortlisting good FS' under 50K INR. I'm the nomadic type and change residence every two years so I don't want to limit myself to BS, meant for smaller rooms. Moreover, I like the way FS sound over BS any day...
  2. K

    Plz recommend good knowledgeable dealers in Bangalore

    I'm looking for dealers (preferably multi-brand) who can help do a home demo for - AV Receiver - Denon X1200W Floorstanding - Polk TSx440T Bookshelf - Elac B6 Center - Elac Uni-Fi UC5 / Polk CSiA6 / LSiM706c Subwoofer - Polk 660 As of now, I still haven't found any dealer who has...
  3. K

    Grey market imported receivers

    #7 - Grey market imported receivers Has anyone bought grey-market imported receivers from online sites, or local dealers who provide seller warranty and/or no warranty? Were there any hiccups in your experience? Who would you recommend as dealers who can supply at competitive rates to...
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    Best prices for custom-built projector screen (AT) in Bangalore?

    #2 - Best prices for custom-built projector screen (AT) in Bangalore? Where do I find a 12' x 8' Acoustically Transparent (AT) projector screen, in white, with 1.3 Gain, in Bangalore? Now, since my room is 18' wide and 8.5' high, I was thinking of a max screen size of 12' wide and 8' tall. I...
  5. D

    Pathetic experience @ DNI Home Theatre, Bellandur, Bangalore

    Well, here's the story: Paid for a pair of Boston Acoustics A26 speakers and was promised a delivery date of 3-4 days. Took a whole month and still the speakers didn't arrive. They didn't have to courtesy of informing me of the status and the reasons for delay, I had to keep calling to find...