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  1. N

    should i buy the pioneer fs52 designed by Andrew jones?

    need a quick help. i am planning to buy my 1st hifi speaker. i am on a tight budget to say the least. is it worth buying these speakers (the pioneer sp fs52 floor standing speakers) after they have been "discontinued" or made unavailable in India. if yes? where can i find them? i see 2 websites...
  2. S

    Subwoofer with crossover intergrated |

    Greetings people, Thrilled to find a forum with audio enthusiasts from India. I was trying to procure KRK 10s subwoofer to go with my KRK 8" G3. I have a Behringer uphoria UMC22. It offers 2 out ports. Been looking for a subwoofer which comes with integrated crossover so that I don't have to...
  3. dd.dewan

    New Delhi Vinyl Fair - Spring Edition - March 8th Hauz Khaz Village

    Greetings It is our big pleasure to invite you to the spring edition of the New Delhi Vinyl Fair. Event will take place the 8th of March, in Hauz khas Village, large selection of obscure music on vinyls, cassettes, CDs and vintage posters. (More than 10,000 records). After the incredible...
  4. D

    GoldenEar, comes to Delhi. Audio nirvana?

    Word is that the first batch of shipment has arrived to the new Distributor. Really looking forward to hearing them in person after having read heaps of praises about them on the Internet. Remember this is Sandy Gross's third enterprise after Polkaudio and Definitive Technology. And although he...
  5. R

    Servicing old hi-fi gear in Delhi

    Does anybody know a place in Delhi that can repair old stereo gear? I have a NAD pre-amp and a Yamaha integrated amp that need TLC. Many thanks.
  6. D

    Elac Debut B5 demo in Delhi

    Where can I get a demo of Elac Debut B5 bookshelf speakers in Delhi NCR? Also, what would be its price?
  7. D

    Entry level/Used AVRs in Delhi

    I am planning to buy a new AVR and bookshelf speakers. I am considering the following speakers Boston Acoustics A26 - Rs 16000/- Wharfedale Diamond 220 - Rs 20000/- Where can I buy an entry level AVR (5.1) in Delhi for less than 20000/- for driving the above speakers?
  8. A

    Norge 1000 & Pioneer FS

    hi i am selling my norge gold 1000 & pioneer floor standing set up in mint condition. A very good setup and produce awesome stereo music comparable to very highend setups. PM if any one interested. :):)
  9. R

    Gaffar Mkt || New LED || 40-46" || Budget 45k

    I want to purchase a new LED from Gaffar Market as they are much cheaper there. My major requirement is FULL HD and decent for gaming. Size- 40-46" My budget for the same is 40-45k. Brand preference would be Sony, Samsung, LG, feel free to add any other brands. I will be buying it...
  10. I

    5.1 Home theater needed for cousin : Budget 80k

    Hi everyone, My cousin is shifting in a new flat and he wants to add a 5.1 HT system to his 55" 3D LED TV. He already has a bluray player. So, basically all he needs are amp and speakers. The room is his living room of size 19' X 22'. The sitting position would be somewhere in the center of...
  11. K

    Relocating to Delhi, Ideas!

    I will be moving to Delhi by end of this month. I am confused if I should sell all the audio equipment ( a good reason to upgrade :D ) or use movers and packers. I will be storing all my things in a warehouse for a month before picking it up in Delhi. Is it safe to leave audio equipment...
  12. H

    Where can i buy Norge Audio amp in Delhi

    Hi Guys, This is my first post here, had a couple of queries and I believe this is the best place to get answers. 1. Where can i get Norge Audio amps in and around Delhi 2. Norge MOSFET Reference 2000 vs Norge Concerto Gold 1000. Any reviews about the former and what price should I pick...
  13. I

    DIY workshop in Delhi

    I was wondering if there were any DIY audio workshops (similar to the ones that seem to take place regularly in Bangalore) in Delhi? Would like to learn a bit about soldering, building simple amplifiers and speakers etc. Any pointers or links in this regard would be much appreciated!
  14. P

    220v to 110v Voltage Converters

    I have quite a bit of equipment (including an AV Receiver) bought in US, which sadly doesn't have 220v option. I brought a few voltage converters from US, but I need a few more - mainly 500+watt ones. Any pointers to where I can get good quality 220v-to-110v voltage converters in Delhi (and...
  15. D

    Looking for Bowers&Wilkins in Delhi

    hello Folks: I am looking for references for reputable dealers in Delhi for B&W speakers, Kef Paradigms to audition. Your input would be greatly appreciated. And if you have any suggestion for audio furniture for home use would be great.
  16. D

    Looking for places to buy Speakers in Delhi

    I am in the market for speakers (for home use only), so looking for reputable places to audition them in Delhi. Speakers I am interested in. Bowers&Wilkins Kef Monitor Audios Also looking for references to buy Audio furniture and accessories (cables, power strip etc.) Thanks for...
  17. M

    Service/Repair for Boston Acoustics in Delhi

    Hi, I am looking for a Service / Repair center for Boston Acoustics in Delhi. I had purchased the Boston Acoustics Soundware XS 5.1 home theater system from Delhi earlier this year. The dealer I purchased from has now disappeared !! My problem is that the subwoofer stopped working a few...
  18. jls001

    One More LP Seller in Delhi

    Continuing here from my old earlier thread: http://www.hifivision.com/phono-turntables/9364-got-new-pioneer-pl-200-turntable-2.html Update: One more LP seller in Delhi: Mr Anil Agarwal, F 26, Gali No 7, Mangal Bazar, Vijay Chowk, Laxmi Nagar, 92681774407 He has a huge stockpile of Hindi...
  19. V

    Anyone in Delhi heard of Bobby

    A long time ago, I used to have a (Sikh) friend called Bobby who used to hand solder amps in Delhi. He used to live and work from a DDA flat in Saket. I believe he is yet active now, though he OEMs for some brands. If anyone in Delhi is in touch with him, please do provide me the contact...
  20. A

    Speaker repair in New Delhi

    Hi. This is my first post to this forum. I recently moved to Delhi and have been meaning to give my speakers for repair. I moved from Bangalore, where my regular guy was unreachable for a very long time. These speakers are about 25 years old, back when they made them in hard solid wood. The...