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denon 1611

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  1. S

    Denon AVR-1611 in India

    Hi All, I am planning to Buy Denon AVR-1611 in India(Kolkata). I am facing some confusion regarding it. Below are questions. 1> Is the both 5.1 & 7.1 version of this product is available in India? 2> What is the cost of this products here? 3> Is the 5.1 later be upgraded to 7.1( i found...
  2. S

    Denon AVR-1611

    I am planning to buy Denon AVR-1611 & want feedback from you guys. My questions are below: 1) Is both the version 7.1 and 5.1 are available in India(Kolkata) ? 2) What are the cost for respective model ? 3) If I buy a 5.1 version, can it later be modified to 7.1 as said in the below link...
  3. D

    Preout Alternative for Denon 1611 to attach Creek Evo2

    Hi, I have Denon 1611 and Epos M12i speakers as fronts for my HT. Now I have bought Creek Evo 2 AMP for stereo listening. Problem is, how to make the setup work? Creek has an option of Direct AV but that is only possible if my Denon has Front Pre outs. What is the possible way to run...
  4. H

    PSB or Wharfedale

    Hey! I havent yet auditioned these... but am considering these as fronts for the 1611. PSB Image B15 Wharfedale 10.1 Hope to be able check out Monitor Audio as well. Will give updates on my experiences over the next few weeks.
  5. H

    Denon 1611 Help!

    Hey! Need help with the Denon 1611 setup. I have connected the TV in the ARC hdmi in of the Amp. The Samsung LED32D550PRMXL is ARC compatible, and the hdmi cable is a 1.4 version with ARC capability. Also connected Tata Sky HD, and Pioneer DVD 220K to the Amp via hdmi. Am able to...
  6. K

    5.1 HT - Denon 1611+(Tannoy SFX5.1 or Warfedale Moviestar 70+ or Warfedale Combo)

    Dear Friends , Me - Not a great audiophile but not a novice either , something in between . Likes - 60% Music (Soft Rock/Light Music) + 40 % Movies Room - Living room with size 15ft X 11 ft Looking For - Decent Hometheatre system to be used for longer term , not considering any upgrades in...
  7. snorkel4u

    Final call - Prices for Onkyo 608/ Denon 1611/ 1911 - Which one to buy now ?

    Now is the time to hear you veterans golden advice. You must have seen my posts in the hunt for an HT/HTiB ranging from buying an Onkyo 3300 and then to Onkyo 3400 and then to making a custom HT, opting for Onkyo 608 v/s Yamaha 667 v/s Denon 1611/ 1911..... interests - 60% Movies, 40%...
  8. S

    Denon 1611 calibration

    Hi Gurus, I recently got Denon 1611 AVR as process of building my HT system. I am using them with old sets of SONY speakers & SONY SA-WM500 sub-woofer from my previous HTIB system. I am confused on the right way to calibrate of my Denon 1611. If I follow the Denon setup guide then Sub woofer...
  9. U

    Setup under Rs. 1 lakh. Wharfedale 10.4s or something different?

    Hi, Am quite new to all this in terms of having stuff at home, but have done sound mixing in college shows and all for a few years, so have some basic idea of sound, just was never able to get a good system. But still am new to this whole space. Now I have a budget of around 1 lakh, perhaps...