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denon 1910

Audiolab 6000A Amplifier
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    DENON 1910 HDMI output stopped working

    Hi, I would appreciate your help ; DENON 1910 HDMI output stopped working (while trying to connect with H96 pro+). Checked with Denon service center (Hyderabad) they said as it is old model we may not able to replace the HDMI board. Can anyone help me on the same or any workable solution...
  2. A

    tata sky+ HD + Denon 1910 + no control of volume in hd channel

    I seem to be having a very odd problem right from the time I have connected my tat sky hd+ box to my denon receiver. The volume of the hd channels cannot be controlled using the tat sky remote. I am using hdmi cable to connect the box to the receiver and receiver to the tv. Called the...
  3. G

    Kef IQ-50/Wharfdale Diamond 10.7/ Energy CF-30

    Hi Guys.. Planning to buy a pair of Floor standing speakers and have checked out the Kef IQ-50/Wharfdale Diamond 10.7/ Energy CF-30. All are priced between 42-45K. Intend to pair them with a Denon 1910, which also I plan to buy. Use is 50-50 between Audio and Movies. Audio would be Retro...
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    Jamo - S606HCS3 + SUB300 + Denon AVR - 1910

    I am planning to buy Jamo S606HCS3 with SUB300 and Denon 1910. Is it a best deal to go with? These are the links: S606HCS3: S 606 HCS 3 Home Cinema Systems - Description SUB 300: SUB 300 Subwoofer - Description Denon AVR - 1910: Denon USA | AVR-1910...
  5. M

    Denon AVR 1910 vs Yamaha RX-V765 vs Onkyo TX-SR607

    Hi, I am looking for an A/V receiver and have narrowed down to the following three (not necessarily in the same order though I am more inclined towards the first two options) Denon AVR 1910 - US$ 550 Yamaha RX-V765 - US$ 599 Onkyo TX-SR607 - US$ 500 Plan to set it up with Jamo A10 5.1...
  6. J

    Wharfedale 9.5 with Denon 1910

    Dear all, Has anyone paired Wharf 9.5 with Denon 1910? I am seriously considering Wharfs 9.5 FS as my fronts. I took an audition today of Wharfs 9.5 at Vector System Bangalore. They paired Wharf 9.5 with Onkyo 702 and an old Yamaha. In both cases the speakers were sounding harsh / bright...