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denon 1911

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  1. canchi

    Not getting 5.1 surround sound on WD Live

    Am not able to get 5.1 surround sound from my wd live. I stream files from my hdd. Source file has 5.1 sound DTS usually, my denon 1911 says stereo sound, but sound is usually 2.1. Have enabled digital audio pass thru hdmi on my WD Live.No sound from the surrounds.Artificially enhancing the...
  2. haisaikat

    Customizing Audyssey Curve

    I have a question around customizing the Audyssey Curve that is set up after doing the Audyssey setup. Although my amp is Denon 1911 but I guess this applies to everyone who has an amp that lets you customize the base Audyssey curve. In the Audyssey curve I checked that there are two specific...
  3. canchi

    Paradigms have shifted to my house! - my new set-up

    Hi folks, Here is my new home theatre set-up - The Paradigm Monitor 9 Floor-standers Paradigm CC190 as the centre speaker Paradigm ADP 190 as the surrounds Velodyne Impact 10 Sub AV Receiver - Denon 1911 LED Projector : LG HS201G -JE Digicomp Screen 10x8 BD Player: PS3 Media Streamer ...
  4. H

    Setup of Denon 1911 with Polk Audio Speakers

    Hi, I've Denon 1911 with the following speakers 1. Polk Audio TSi400 for fronts 2. Polk Audio CS10 for center 3. Polk Audio TSi100 for surround I don't have a subwoofer and my room size is 13x13 Please let me know the recommended settings in the receiver like crossover frequency...
  5. D

    Bose CineMate GS any good? (True Space)

    Hello All, I have decided to buy Denon AVR 1911 and wondering what speaks to go for (50K budget for speakers). I have checked Bose CineMate with "TrueSpace" technology which gives some thing called virtual surround with just 2 speakers which is 53K Rs. I would prefer fewer and smaller...
  6. snorkel4u

    ** Denon AVR-1911 : Owner's Thread **

    As suggested by Kittu, I thought it would be good to have a Denon 1911 dedicated thread for owners to discuss settings, reviews, prices, feedbacks, tips and tricks and any issues or problems with the set. My gear - I recently procured the 1911 from US for 380$, no shipping no customs. Paired...
  7. snorkel4u

    Video Upscaling problem with Denon 1911

    Hi All, I have just recd a Denon 1911 from US. Few days later I got the step down transformer..... with the lack of speakers... I was itching to try out the video upconversion feature at least.... I opened the AVR and made the connections as follows... AC Ryan POHD --> HDMI --> AVR -->...
  8. R

    Onkyo SR 608 or Denon 1911

    Hello Friends! :) Need your help! Please suggest which receiver will be better for better movies experience, I would say 70% for Movies & 30% for music. I have shortlisted Onkyo SR 608 or Denon AVR 1911 and please suggest speakers as well, I have Jamo 606 in mind but I was suggested by...
  9. R

    Denon AVR & PS3 slim

    I recently bought a PS3 slim from US; I am trying to get my Denon AVR1911 to recognize the PS3 so that at least I am able to turn on and turn off the PS3 using the denon remote; so far unable to do so; any knows what the code for PS3 is if there is one? Thanks a lot! Cheers :)
  10. snorkel4u

    Which speakers to buy for Denon 1911 - Budget 30-45K max

    Hi All, So with the all the knowledgible inputs from veterans here, my research, my limited budget, my limited audiophile-ness, and my dear friend coming from US with an empty bag...... all of this helped me get my Denon 1911 (jsanand's first advice). And then, the step transformer came...
  11. snorkel4u

    Final call - Prices for Onkyo 608/ Denon 1611/ 1911 - Which one to buy now ?

    Now is the time to hear you veterans golden advice. You must have seen my posts in the hunt for an HT/HTiB ranging from buying an Onkyo 3300 and then to Onkyo 3400 and then to making a custom HT, opting for Onkyo 608 v/s Yamaha 667 v/s Denon 1611/ 1911..... interests - 60% Movies, 40%...
  12. A

    Paradigm Cinema CT 110 with Denon 1911, Onkyo 608 or Yamaha 667????

    Hey guys, Am planning to setup my HT in my living room (20ftx12ft) and i have decided on the following equips: 1. Paradigm CT 110 5.1 speakers (can one suggest anything better at the same price range??) 2. Denon 1911, Onkyo 608 or Yamaha 667 AVR's I am not keen on tower speakers as...
  13. T

    Denon 1911 from SINGAPORE ?

    I am US for 1 week and want to buy Denon 1911 from here. prices here are $599. I am also going to Singapore next month for a week. I am thinking if it would make more sense to buy from SIN due to NTSC/PAL and Voltage compatibility. I couldn't find much info online on Denon Purchases in...