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denon 1912

Home Theatre Systems
  1. S

    Denon 1912 or Marantz 5006 or Marantz 6006 or ...

    Dear All, I am replacing the Denon 1908 in my family room (this unit will move to my bedroom). Reasons for change - (1) not enough HDMI connections (2) want 2 zone capability to play speakers on my terrace also and (3) want Apple Airplay capability since I have set up an Airplay network...
  2. S

    Suggest a good Pair of Bookshelf Speakers for Denon 1912

    Hi, Please suggest a good pair of Bookshelf Speakers to go with Denon AVR 1912. Following are the Options I have in mind as per priority: Polk Audio Tsi 200 Boston Acoustics CS 26 Polk Audio Rti A3 Polk Audio Rti A1 This is because of a plan to purchase the AVR and the...
  3. V

    Airplay issues in Denon AVR 1912

    Hi Ive recently got a Denon 1912. It has a few issues with the iPad 2 controls. 1 Airplay: Frequent dropouts 2 Denon Remote App: Worked on Day 1, says connection failed now. Note that internet radio works perfectly, so does the Web app. So, its clearly not a network issue with the...
  4. K

    Airplay headaches

    Its been less than 2 hours with the Denon 1912 at home and am trying to get airplay to work. 1. Is Airplay wireless, purely wireless? 2. Airplay works on my Mac, and it recognises the Airport Express router. 3. Denon AVR keeps telling me no network (of course there is no network, as there...
  5. TheCoolestOne

    Speakers for Denon AVR 1912

    Hi, I am located in Mumbai and am in the process of setting up a HT system in my room with domensions 10ft X 15 ft. I would primarily use the setup for movies / music 70/30. After some research I have narrowed down my quest of AVR to the Denon 1912. What would be good speakers and sub to...