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denon avr 1312

Luxman Amplifiers India
  1. M

    For Sale Denon AVR-1312, Kenwood Powered Sub, HTPC Cabinet, FiiO Headphone Amp, Raspberry Pi

    Hi guys, As the new year is approaching, I thought of selling some of my AV products which were either impulsive purchase which I never used them after checking them for a day or two or I have upgraded (HTPC cabinet). I have not even switched them on in last few months. So, it will be better...
  2. P

    Denon AVR 1312 - Speakers (paradigm vs Polk vs Jamo)

    Hi All, I have been a regular lurker in this forum for long. And now its time that i took the plunge armed with all the info the gurus in this forum has. So i am looking for an AVR - 5.1 with woofers setup (non negotiable since room is not designed for FS/BS). and the budget has to be within...
  3. P

    JBL cinema 300 + Denon 1312

    HI All, I am new to this forum. :) I was planning to buy a new home theatre, kindly suggest if below combo would go well as match. my budget is around 40k-50k. JBL cinema 300 and Denon 1312 AVR.
  4. Balaaji

    Denon 1312xp or Onkyo 3400?

    Hi all, Onkyo 3400 or denon 1312xp? Confused.. Actually in this forum most people suggest to get Onkyo 3400. But which is the best and upgradable in future? I heard that denon receiver is better than Onkyo. Now I need you people support on this. Which is best? Also plz suggest dealers for...
  5. S

    Denon AVR1312 HDMI video signal flickering problems

    When I try to connect my laptop to the TV screen via amp the tv screen flickers very frequently. I have a Denon AVR1312 amp (yr.2012), Macbook 13-inch Aluminum (yr.2008) and Panasonic Plasma 42" (yr.2011). I am also using a mini-display port to hdmi convertor and 10 mtr average quality HDMI...
  6. S

    Connecting Soundcard to Receiver...Advise needed

    Hello Everybody, I have recently bought Denon 1312 and KEF Q300 + KEF C4 sub. I have heard KEF Q300 on denon 1912 and iam sure it can perform a lot better than whats its doing now. I have Audigy 2ZS soundcard from creative and it has a digital out Can you guys please advise on how to...
  7. U

    jbl cinesystem 300 with denon 1312 avr

    Hi Experts, Need your help. after a tortuous and long drawn process, i am kind of finalized on the above combination as my home theater setup. though i have auditioned both separately (and been impressed with their performance when coupled with other speakers/avrs), i have never got a chance to...