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denon x2000

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. Jeanpher

    Integrated Amplifier for stereo setup

    I have Paradigm Monitor 11 v7 Floor stander used with Denon X2000 AVR, Now planning to make a stereo setup with it. i think this AVR is underrated for this floor stander So please suggest a Good integrated amplifier with pre-out and drive this Floor stander at full potential. Well maintained...
  2. K

    Denon X2000 RCA Input

    Hi - I have a Wii system (old) which does not have a HDMI connection. Have the RCA connection (Yellow,Red,White) cable. How to connect wii to the receiver? On the remote I see only HDMI inputs. How to select the Wii? The connection from Receiver to TV is via the HDMI cable. Do see some...
  3. M

    PC connected to AVR and 46" TV text too small

    I have my windows 7 PC connected to my denon avr through HDMI and avr connected to sony 46" Tv using HDMI, video is playing fine but text is very fuzzy and too small. I have tried renaming the input name to PC as suggested in other posts but still the same. I have to either reduce my resolution...
  4. forever.pramod

    No audio from Denon AVR

    I own a Denon X2000 AVR 10 months old. It's the 2nd time I faced same issue. One morning I just turned on my AVR, video was fine, but no audio from any of the speakers. Tried different sources like setup box, USB (ipod) and pure direct mode, but no luck. Googled few of the forums and got to...
  5. K

    Zensor'd and EQ-Max'd

    After 2 months of Hifivision literature and 3 days of hifi listening, finally took the plunge and the packages have arrived. Right now purchased and a 3.1 system and will look for some cheaper surrounds. The purchases are not any different from the countless combination already on the forum...