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  1. N

    Importing AVR from USA

    Hi everyone. I m thinking of buying either Denon AVR-S740H or Yamaha RX-V683BL from America. I know they are made for ~110 V. I can get a good converter and make it work (two of my friends already using US AVR's using UMI converter). My main reason for getting it from USA is obviously price...
  2. R

    SOLD Denon AVR X2200 W for Sale

    Original Price. - 65k Age - Bought Aug 2017 Condition - Gently used No Service, No repair Ownership History - Bought first hand from HT Store in Bangalore Bill Copy - Yes Remote and Box - Yes No Service or repair history 100% in Working condition Reason for Sale - Planning to upgrade to Marantz...
  3. vicky_crispy

    Wanted Speakers and sub needed for 5.2.2 or 7.2.2 Dolby Atmos Setup

    Hi Guys, I am an enthusiast on a budget trying to build my first home theater setup. I was earlier using a Logitech Z5500 and currently own Logitech Z623. I recently purchased a LG C8 55" OLED TV, while I already own an Xbox One X. Hence the itch to get a full fledged home theater has started...
  4. R

    Used Denon 2311

    Hi!! My friend is offering me denon 2311 AVR. The AVR is working fine and is 4 years old. Kindly advise what would be the value for it. How much should I offer him. Need advice Regards
  5. R

    Denon 6500 vs 8500

    Hi, I am planning to upgrade my denon AVR 2311 to Denon 6500. I also reviewed the 8500 and was a bit confused for which to take on. The price point is not the concern but just the point of longevity in terms of technology are they same or 8500 is better for long term investment. The...
  6. R

    Denon X 2400H 7.2 Network receiver, 1 year, 40,000/- , Negotiable.

    Dear All, I am planning to upgrade my receiver from 7.2 channel to 11.2 channel. So selling my Denon X 2400H receiver which is currently in use. 1. One year, 3 months old. 2. Rs.40000/- Negotiable 3. Location of Chennai 4. Purchased in Europe. No need for a step up transformer to connect in...
  7. A

    For Sale PRICE UPDATE: Brand New Denon AVR X2500H

    Dear all, UPDATE ON PRICE: Reducing to INR 50k for a quick sale. UPDATE: Based on multiple requests, I checked the AVR and can confirm that the following is in perfect working condition: - all channel amplification - processing of all surround formats - WiFi and system updates - audyssey...
  8. Love4sound

    Speaker impedance

    Apart from my height speakers which are rated at 8ohms the remaining 5 speakers are 6ohms. Denon 2400 manual says the impedance settings at default is 8ohms and if any one speakers is 6 ohms we need to change the impedance setting to 6. I left it at default and works well but is it correct?
  9. AmitSharmarsaudioindia

    Onkyo tx-nr 737 upgrade error 5-85.

    Hello members I have a onkyo tx-nr 737 avr , when I was upgrade this , when its almost complete, an error show on the display "error 5-85". Any body have idea for this error. What is the reason for this error. Thanks Regarding:- Amit Sharma
  10. preth30

    For Sale Speaker cables.

    1. Synergistic Research Decor series speaker cable pair, more than 3 metres per cable. Not used much comes with an inbuilt ground wire in it along with the positive and negative wires. This cable was purchased at Rs. 1000 per metre. My price for the pair is 4500/- 2. Chord Clearway cable 2.300...
  11. D

    Denon receiver repair referral in Bangalore

    Hi friends, I am new to this forum. Can anyone refer me for a good technician who can repair my old Denon 1509 AV receiver in Bangalore. Its going to standby mode moment you turned on and power/standby light blinking red. Thanks, Dipankar
  12. N

    Denon X540BT + Plok5.0 is this a good combo. Can you help please..

    Hi all, my brother wants to buy the deal with DenonX540BT+Polk 5.0 5.0 consists the following: POLK Audio T50 tower speakers, T30 center speaker and two T15 bookshelf speakers Is this a good deal?? Is the Denon X540BT a basic model?? And how are the Polk speakers? Any suggestions...
  13. tusharshukla1991

    Beginner to this world of Great Music-Trying to setup first AVR and sound system

    Hello Everyone! I was playing to get a 5.1 and was looking into various sites and found Sony(E3200), Logitech(z906) and Swans(m20) with quite good reviews and under my range (around 30k). Then I came to this site and got engulfed in this world of Sound systems which I never heard of. After...
  14. D

    For Sale Peachtree Audio Nova 125SE with a built in DAC

    For sale a beautifully maintained peachtree audio Nova 125SE with a built in tube preamp stage switchable with a solid state preamp. Max Power 125W rms @8 Ohms and upto 200W @ 4Ohms. It is a true audiophile amp with a very different sound. Asynchronous 24bit/192KHz DAC and excellent headphone...
  15. A

    Marantz SR8012 + PSB X2T + XC + XB + XA in 7.2.4 atmos config sourcing from KOLKATA needed.

    Marantz SR8012 + PSB X2T + XC + XB + XA in 7.2.4 atmos config sourcing from KOLKATA needed. Hello friends, Sorry for another thread. I am looking for authorised dealers here at Kolkata for setting up my atmos config with PSB speakers and Marantz amp. HIFImart has been regular source but not I...
  16. K

    For Sale Denon X3000 7.2 Channel AV Receiver

    Hi All, I would like to sell my Denon x3000 which I have been using them for the past 2 years. Its in mint condition. I have packed it in the original box itself. This is a US Voltage receiver. So I will let it go along with the 1 Kva Step down transformer. You can find the specification...
  17. F

    Home theatre system - Denon X1400 and Taga Harmony TAV 606-SE

    First off, I am happy to find this vibrant community here. Having been a member of a very active photography forum, I appreciate the value in senior members advising newcomers. I am looking into purchasing an AV receiver and speaker set for my living room and would be grateful for some advice...
  18. A

    For Sale Denon CD Player and AM-FM Stereo Receiver

    Bought in 2014 from UK but rarely used to due to multiple systems I own. Hardly used , less than 100 hours so far. never repaired and in mint condition. CD Player - Denon DCD-F107 Stereo Receiver - DRA-F107 I will prefer to sell both together, shipping is at buyers risk. I will deliver in...
  19. K

    Onkyo HT-S9800 THX vs Denon X1400 and Pioneer FS 5.1

    Hi all, I'm confused with 2 home theater setup for my HTS. The following is my 2 packages, 1. Denon X1400 Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor-standing Pioneer SP-C22 Center-Channel Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf BIC America F12 Subwoofer 2. ONKYO HT-S9800THX 7.2 AVR with 7.1 SPEAKERS Both THX...
  20. S

    Vanakkam Friends

    Have received lot of insights in this forum. Thanks you Hifivision team. Currently having Denon X3400H paired with Yamaha NS8390, Focal Center SIBXL, Focal SIB Rear and Onkyo Atmos SKH410.