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  1. K

    Onkyo HT-S9800 THX vs Denon X1400 and Pioneer FS 5.1

    Hi all, I'm confused with 2 home theater setup for my HTS. The following is my 2 packages, 1. Denon X1400 Pioneer SP-FS52 Floor-standing Pioneer SP-C22 Center-Channel Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Bookshelf BIC America F12 Subwoofer 2. ONKYO HT-S9800THX 7.2 AVR with 7.1 SPEAKERS Both THX...
  2. S

    Vanakkam Friends

    Have received lot of insights in this forum. Thanks you Hifivision team. Currently having Denon X3400H paired with Yamaha NS8390, Focal Center SIBXL, Focal SIB Rear and Onkyo Atmos SKH410.
  3. V

    Looking for an AVR with HDMI

    Looking for an AVR, preferably Yamaha / Denon in a good condition with HDMI and 4K pass through. ARC would be a plus. Setting up a HT at home so 5.1 or 7.1 would be fine. Location : Bangalore
  4. B

    Looking for Receiver to match with Speaker

    Before Posting lemme make a few points about myself so you understand it better . I have been into HiFi (not exclusively Hi-Res though) audio since last year. It started with mobile audio .. First was Lenovo Vibe X3 n Soundmagic E10s . the device was quite buggy . Few months later...
  5. S

    Suggestions for Stereo Amplifier

    Hi All, I am planning to setup a music system at my place. My use would be 70-80% music and 20-30% movies. I have auditioned a few speakers like Dali, Monitor Audio, Wharefedale etc. which were available in Delhi NCR and the quality of Dali Zensor 3 is something which suited the best to...
  6. S

    Hello everyone, Sasi from Chennai :)

    Hi everyone, I am glad that I came across this forum. I never realized we would have so many Audiophiles in India. This is exciting. About myself, I did my undergrad in India, Masters in USA and currently reside at Michigan, USA. I will be moving to India by the end of December this year. My...
  7. V

    Denon 2113 shutting down randomly

    Hello friends, I have been enjoying music on Denon 2113 for almost 2 years now. Suddenly form last 2 days after playing for around 2 hours, not at very high volume the receiver shuts down suddenly. The top front of the receiver do gets real hot, its not too much hot that one cannot touch. But...
  8. S

    New Home Theatre System

    Hi All, I am looking to buy a home theatre system for my home which would have a 5.1 speaker with an AV receiver. I have a budget of around 1L for the complete setup. Thanks in advance to all the experts here. From the market research I have done, I have shortlisted these two AV Receivers...
  9. N

    DENON AVR-X3300 vs Marantz SR-5011?

    Hello dear FM, I'm planning to upgrade my AVR, need a decent one with front L/R pre-outs. My research filtered down to these two AVR - DENON AVR-X3300 and Marantz SR-5011. The major difference I find between these two are: Audyssey (XT32 with sub EQ HT on DENON, where there is only...
  10. ratheesh

    Polk Audio parent company nabs Hi-Fi brands Denon, Marantz

    There's big news for audiophiles: Sound United, the company behind Polk Audio and Definitive Technology, has purchased D+M Group, the owner of Denon, Marantz and Boston Acoustics brands. That will let Sound United, a company mostly known for speakers, sell some of the best-known (and priciest)...
  11. P

    Guidance in buying completing setup for 1-1.5L

    Hi Experts, I stay in Mumbai (Dahisar) and have decided to buy complete home theatre setup, for which I require your expert advice. Following are the details: Receiver Denon X1300W Pioneer VSX-1131-K Yamaha RX Series V4/5/681 Speakers (L/R/C) Wharfedale 220 (L/R) + polk center Polk...
  12. G

    Wanted AVR required (5 channel or 7 Channel)

    Hi Guys, I am looking for a used AVR in great working and cosmetic condition for my HT setup. My current speakers are Wharfdale 200 Bookshelves. Preferred brands include Denon, Yamaha, Marantz. I am based in Bangalore and would ideally prefer a local pick up. My budget is up to 25K. Feel...
  13. dipdawiz

    A compact HT

    A compact HT, a term taken from trending automobile sensation now-a-days - "Compact" SUV/Sedan :D Though I always had the thought of having a dedicated HT room some day, but urban life never allowed to take any step towards that. And even when I was out for a better sound for my TV few...
  14. A

    Any alternative for Denon x4300H ?

    I've planned to buy Denon x4300H , I would like to consider other alternatives also. My requirement is 11.2/9.2ch.
  15. srinivas1015

    Best receiver for Polk speakers? (My Onkyo burned up)

    I've used an Onkyo HT-RC270 with Polk speakers: TSi 300 (Front, Sides, Rear) Cs20 Center DSW500 subwoofer My Onkyo receiver emitted a burning smell while ons standby and after that, it's stopped transmitting audio. However, it's still passing through video. I'm thinking of replacing it...
  16. P

    Suggestion please: Planning to buy Denon AVR-S720W

    Hi, I am new to AVR's and HT's. Planning to get Denon AVR-S720W from US to India, any thoughts if it works well india? or any precautions that i need to take?
  17. A

    Denon X2300W launched in India ?

    It seems odd when some of the dealers are saying that Denon X2300W is launched in India and rest of them are saying that "It is not launched in India, the dealers are selling Imported pieces" :-/ For the clarification I started this thread .
  18. A

    Pioneer vs Denon

    Hi All, I have basic question regarding amplifier. i am a newbie and setting up my HT system. i have 2 choices Pioneer vsx1131 around 35k and denon X2300 35k both the amplifier is on same price outside india, and i can bringit to india without any fuss. which one should i choose? my...
  19. B

    Denon X1200w

    Hi Guys, I'm new to home theater platform...so I would need some suggestions from the experienced guys out here...I recently bought Denon x1200w AVR for which I'm looking out for a decent 5.1 speaker system....I'm not looking for tower speakers....I''m looking only for satellite...
  20. K

    Denon X1200W for 49K or X3200W for 70K?

    I might have the option of getting my hands on the Denon X3200W for 70K - fresh piece, imported, grey market, no warranty, no bill. Or I can go with the default option of Denon X1200W with authorized dealer with 1 year India warranty and bill. Which one would you choose, and why not the other?