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Wharfedale Speakers
  1. A

    For Sale Van den hul carbon digital coaxial cable

    This is a 1m. single VDH digital coaxial cable (not a pair). The model is the First metal screen. ThIs cable features a linear structured carbon center conductor and shield in addition to the metal shield. More details at: https://www.vandenhul.com/product/the-first-metal-screen-halogen-free/...
  2. Fiftyfifty

    For Sale 3.5mm digital adapter cables for FiiO, Chord Mojo, etc. users

    For Sale are these high end rare-to-find audiophile grade adapter cables for DAPs and DACs with mini 3.5mm coaxial digital sockets. These were procured by me from specialised sellers in the US when I was using Digital Audio Players and DACs with corresponding sockets. As I no longer use those...
  3. Fiftyfifty

    Wanted CD transport

    Looking for a good condition CD transport, e.g. Acoustic Portrait or Esoteric to send digital output via AES to my DAC. Budget Rs. 2 lacs.
  4. rohitmusic

    For Sale Asus HD Media Player HDP-R1

    Hi, Putting on sale a good media player. Condition: Working: 10/10 Cosmetically: 8 or 9/10 Reason for sale: Not using. I had got it only for experimenting as a digital source! Used it very sparingly only couple times as got another media player as well and multiple other...
  5. ShutterX

    Where to buy an SMSL sd 793ii?

    Hi folks, I wish to buy an SMSL sd 793ii DAC/headphone amp. Have been looking around for a seller who ships to India but cant really find one. My intended use is PC SPDIF to DAC to integrated amp via RCA. The headphone amp is a bonus. Can anyone suggest where i could buy this product or...
  6. cybervinay

    For Sale Art DI/O DA AD Convertor with tube warmth - World's Most Affordable AD/DA Converters

    This is the Art DI/O DAC unit that I got from US many many years back and have thought of using and modifying it later. I have hardly used it and have just located it after so many years. There is a lot of information available on the internet about the quality of this tube DAC and its...
  7. G

    HELP needed with DEN DIGITAL Set top box

    hi i had until now an LG crt tv which worked perfectly with the cisco manufactured DEN digital set top box model 3410DVB.i recently upgraded to a panasonic 50inch FHD tv.i have the following queries from my fellow members: 1.can a single set top box provide output for two TV's at the same...
  8. R

    Best DAC under Rs 5k

    Sorry Guyz I know their is already thread for DAC but my needs are different. I Want to Connect my Latest HDTV which has only Digital Optical Out to transfer sound but I have old Stereo Amplifier which only supports Analog Input . so i was making my mind to Buy DAC. i was looking on this website...
  9. Santy

    Simple DIY: SPDIF output from Mobo

    I had this RCA socket lying with me for a long time, decided to try the SPDIF experiment which I had in my mind. I guess this can be done on any mother board with SPDIF header pins. Useful for attaching entry level DACs without USB or to save a USB port of PC. I opened the case and chopped...
  10. A

    How to make a digital chess clock

    I want to make a digital chess clock as a project. Please help me.
  11. A

    Turning the tide... New Active Speakers

    I have been quite intrigued by the development in new Active and wireless speakers over the last year. I think as more and more mainstream HiFi companies enter this area the more popular these will become. The first steps i think were take by Dynaudio. Dynaudio xeo 5's have received brilliant...
  12. Q

    Help me understand the concept of these digital set top boxes......

    I get cable from my local cable-wallah...the normal co-axial cable which comes out from the wall and into my CRT TV. Around six months ago,he gave all the people in my building a cheap japan-made "DIGI-CABLE" box which uses QAM.This box has a co-axial input and a composite video...