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diy floorstander

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
  1. Kannan

    Speaker build with Dayton Drivers

    I had been reading encouraging reviews on Dayton audio drivers and they were quite economical as well. So I took the first plunge with Dayton reference series alluminium cone drivers in my car audio setup where I went completely DIY except for the fibreglass fabrication for midrange and...
  2. T

    DIY '6 footer' a.k.a The Tall **** Ribbon

    Hi, After building a small ribbon with nothing but a few house hold items and some cheap neo-magnets here, I decided to make life bigger. :D So here it is ..my 6 ft tall true ribbon structure with some really powerful strontium ferrite magnets. The structure is super heavy and the magnets are...
  3. T

    DIY Planar Magnetic Loudspeaker

    Hello, Planning to make a Planar Magnetic speaker :licklips: . Dimensions are 68.5 cm by 30cm. Using 12-20 Micron Plastic Cling Film as membrane material. Strontium Ferrite Magnets (around 70 in number used). Magnet wire a.k.a Transformer Winding wire or Enamelled Copper wire( 0.3mm ~ not...
  4. V

    DIY Transmission Line Fast Protocol

    Hi All, Thought of sharing my latest DIY project with you all. This project is a fast prototype of a transmission line speaker design. It all started as I was "In between" speakers and wanted to have a stop gap arrangement to listen to music while I was deciding upon my next speaker upgrade...
  5. Adhiraj

    3 way driver selection

    Hey guys, Am embarking on a new project,thought of making a 3 way set.The drivers I am considering using are Hertz DS 300 -beautiful paper,92db sensitivity,and Italian,for the woofer cut off at around 180 to RCF L8S800- Mid/Bass also 92db,carbon fibre,and Italian,cut off around 2.2 Khz to...
  6. K

    Dayton reference RS150S for Rs1767

    20 north .com has *FREE SHIPPING* for the driver Rs1767 X2 for woofers home delivered:) adding 2 silk dome tweeters a good floor stander pair is possible <8K with designs like TRS -80, Undefinition - DIY - TRS-80 Notes: Offer is no longer available