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diy speaker building

Castle Knight 2 Speakers
  1. Manoj Sivaraman

    Added to my collection HYEE Subwoofer

    Ritchy street is known for cheap components and here is what I found. Was in search of a 10" subwoofer capable of handling 250-300w RMS so went in for purchase. Was coming across normal DAINTY, Zipp, Award and some unbranded local stuff. Came across a dealer who has some heavy looking...
  2. M

    DIY speaker box design queries

    Hello all! I'm planning to build a TMW FS. This'll be my first ever build. I'm not at all a technician. But after reading so many diy projects, I'm just fascinated. That's the reason I'm here. With the pure passion for building one (and probably many more to follow) I'm here; I'm here to learn...
  3. R

    Another Altec Build

    Hi Guys, This is going to be my altec build thread. It was love at first hear from the time I heard Rajiv's rig about 10 months ago. Since then I have been reaching out to a lot of my friends in the Cine industry for altec drivers. Now I have found these. The good guys at KPN just dropped...
  4. Kannan_madhu

    Speaker Building Noob Questions

    Hi, i am planing (still not decided ) to build a DIY book shelf based on the following drivers M13NH midwoofer peerless T25AM tweeter Is there any ready made plans available for a TM configuration book shelf with these drivers, which will make life real easy :) . i tried to use online...