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diy speaker

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  1. saikatbiswas82

    My DIY Speaker - 1

    Dear All, This is my first attempt in DIY speakers. To me it sounds beautiful. Concept, design, finishing done by me only. Now it's going through initial burn-in.
  2. M

    DIY speaker box design queries

    Hello all! I'm planning to build a TMW FS. This'll be my first ever build. I'm not at all a technician. But after reading so many diy projects, I'm just fascinated. That's the reason I'm here. With the pure passion for building one (and probably many more to follow) I'm here; I'm here to learn...
  3. F

    For Sale Fostex FE206e Fullrange (BiB enclosure optional)

    Hello again! Up for sale is a pair of Fostex FE206e Fullrange drivers. It is right now housed in a BiB enclosure without any crossovers in the mix. Ideal for low-powered tube amps and tripath amps, as the drivers have an incredible efficiency of 96dB per Watt. Great driver to get a taste of...
  4. Kannan_madhu

    DIY guidance needed for bookshelf speakers for PC

    I am planing to make a pair of diy bookshelfs + amp for my pc , mainly for music which will sound better than my humble altec 2.1 (vs2621) .I read about 3886 Myref amplifier here and i think i can get it assembled by my friend . i would like to know weather it requires a preamp or can i...