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Wharfedale EVO4.4 Speaker
  1. C

    Best subwoofer drivers for DIY subwoofer build for home theater?

    i am thinking to build a single subwoofer(planning for 2nd one in future ) which dials down to around 17hz,since all subwoofers in India are way overpriced. could someone recommend best 12inch or 15inch subwoofer driver available in India? something similar to dayton ultimax 12.also want to...
  2. eabhishek

    diy lps for digione signature

    hello friends, i recently upgraded from HT to a stereo setup. my source was a chromecast audio (cca). based on inputs from forum members (@arj, @amitk777) i purchased a digione signature streamer. a definite step-up from cca. I have been powering it with an old anker switched power supply...
  3. amit11

    wooden rack for diy

    Hi friends, i was looking out for audio rack. but it seems like the cost of ready-made racks is very high and they are as such not made in India. I was thinking if possible to build a wooden rack with three shelves, at home. The idea is something like this. Also pics for diagram attached...
  4. amit11

    DIY - usb cable which splits power and data for DAC

    Hi Friends, Yesterday i created one USB data & power splitter cable. I had a Topping D10 dac/usb-to-spdif convertor which was working fine when I connected to android, but it was not powering when i connected to apple ipad (mini ipad version 1). D10 does not have a separarate power input and it...
  5. H

    SOLD Fab USSA5 PCB with PSU

    I am selling USSA5 PCB along with prasi CRC power supply PCB.The USSA 5 PCB is from latest GB ver0.4 Condition:- 10/10 Expected Price:- 1500/-
  6. Y

    Rate my Subwoofer Design

    A friend of mine gave me the parameters of a subwoofer driver without telling me the name/model and this is what I came up with. Volume: 50 L Tune Freq: 23 Hz The port is a rectangular port which is to be folded. Port Dimension (cm): 20(W) X 4(D) X 83(L) Filter: Lowpass (Butterworth n=4...
  7. sunilmani

    Class D Amplifier

    Planning on building a good quality stereo, class D amplifier within 20K INR. I am looking at readymade boards and to the extent possible, with onboard power supplies. As of now i am looking at ICE Power boards; but i am open to others as well. Appreciate any suggestions around this. Edit: ICE...
  8. S

    5.1 channel amplifier required - I have speakers

    Hello All, I have an old Altec Lansing FX5051 audio system. It was a wonderful home theatre setup until the amplifier stopped working. It switches on and gives hissing sound in speakers but no audio output. I want to buy an amplifier which suits these speakers because I love the quality of...
  9. haisaikat

    DIY Marantz 7 based preamplifier

    I recently got hold of a Marantz 7 Diy tube preamp kit available online with some additional aesthetic improvement made by the previous owner. On the extreme left there is a power knob, next the 2 VU meters and then on right the volume knob and source selector knob. Posting some internal...
  10. santaji

    Tube amp on a budget - Affordable option for transformers?

    Hi guys, I am planning to build my first tube amp, either a hi-fi stereo amp or a mono guitar/bass amp. Right now I am trying to decide which circuit to build based on the simplicity and parts availability, but one issue I am facing is the availability of the correct specification transformers...
  11. D

    Help me in simulating my first bookshelf speaker

    Hello dear members, After seeing so many people here trying diy, I myself have been wanting to try and build my own pair of bookshelf speakers. Being impressed by the reviews of full range driver by sb acoustics sb65wbac25-4 I have decided to use it, but I knew it wont give good bass, so decide...
  12. K

    DIY Short throw projector lens

    Hi, Does anyone having experience in setting up short throw projector from a conventional projector. Found some suggestions like using mirror, but will lose some lumens if so. Can use macro lens, but not getting exactly whats feasible in India. Any suggestion or pointers would be...
  13. A

    DIY Acoustic panels

    Material used Rockwool 96 density 2 inch thick plywood speaker box cloth for covering stapler bass trap 4 inch thick COST PER PANEL = 1000/= ROCKWOOL SOURCED FROM coimbatore http://a66.tinypic.com/qs6s69.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/240wqxx.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/2468ldk.jpg...
  14. Manoj Sivaraman

    Swift 2018 stock HU subwoofer upgrade

    Hi guys, This is Manoj Sivaraman back with another DIY project. So this basically applies for all cars hatchback cars. The stock speakers and HU was more than sufficient thought the unit lacks punchy bass and distorts due to bass being sent to all door speakers. We will do a basic upgrade under...
  15. Manoj Sivaraman

    Added to my collection HYEE Subwoofer

    Ritchy street is known for cheap components and here is what I found. Was in search of a 10" subwoofer capable of handling 250-300w RMS so went in for purchase. Was coming across normal DAINTY, Zipp, Award and some unbranded local stuff. Came across a dealer who has some heavy looking...
  16. M

    Crossover Suggestions for 3way Speakers - Buy from Aliexpress

    Hello, Greetings! I am on a DIY mission, making a pair of 3 way Speakers. I have the drivers, but for crossovers, I didn't find any option in India (online). I looked for it on Aliexpress, I could find plenty of it. So, just wanted to know if anyone of you have ordered it from Aliexpress? If...
  17. Manoj Sivaraman

    DIY concrete studio monitor and surround stand with LED lights

    Hi audiophiles and fellow members, I'm Manoj Sivaraman being a DIY guy I love to fabricate, assemble and make things on my own. After building a DIY optical 5.1 channel receiver (please make sure to check out my entire build on the DIY section). I'll add this build plans for you guys if you wish...
  18. Manoj Sivaraman

    DIY Class D optical coaxial receiver with LCD and remote

    Intro Hi guys this is Manoj from Chennai. A novice electrical guy who loves to build stuff on his own. So without much about myself let's jump into the project. The quest: On 19-jan-18 the quest for AV receiver started after buying a Vu Iconium 50" 4K LED TV. Wasn't having a large headroom for...
  19. A

    In the Darbar of the Darbaris

    A couple of weeks back I was lucky to have heard the Darbaris - a pair of floorstanding speakers designed and crafted by our very own forum member, TCPIP. Let me admit upfront, these speakers look quite intimidating. Their design is unlike something you would have seen in a mass produced speaker...
  20. R

    Need Help!!...For a Decent Stereo set up

    Hello All First of all i beg your pardon if it sounds funny to you for the description below but am not a tech guy :o Am from Bangalore. All these days i was using my creative 5.1 surrounds and i know the sound quality difference between 5.1 surrounds and stereos. Now I am planning to get...