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  1. A

    DIY Acoustic panels

    Material used Rockwool 96 density 2 inch thick plywood speaker box cloth for covering stapler bass trap 4 inch thick COST PER PANEL = 1000/= ROCKWOOL SOURCED FROM coimbatore http://a66.tinypic.com/qs6s69.jpg http://a65.tinypic.com/240wqxx.jpg http://a68.tinypic.com/2468ldk.jpg...
  2. Manoj Sivaraman

    Swift 2018 stock HU subwoofer upgrade

    Hi guys, This is Manoj Sivaraman back with another DIY project. So this basically applies for all cars hatchback cars. The stock speakers and HU was more than sufficient thought the unit lacks punchy bass and distorts due to bass being sent to all door speakers. We will do a basic upgrade under...
  3. Manoj Sivaraman

    Added to my collection HYEE Subwoofer

    Ritchy street is known for cheap components and here is what I found. Was in search of a 10" subwoofer capable of handling 250-300w RMS so went in for purchase. Was coming across normal DAINTY, Zipp, Award and some unbranded local stuff. Came across a dealer who has some heavy looking...
  4. M

    Crossover Suggestions for 3way Speakers - Buy from Aliexpress

    Hello, Greetings! I am on a DIY mission, making a pair of 3 way Speakers. I have the drivers, but for crossovers, I didn't find any option in India (online). I looked for it on Aliexpress, I could find plenty of it. So, just wanted to know if anyone of you have ordered it from Aliexpress? If...
  5. Manoj Sivaraman

    DIY concrete studio monitor and surround stand with LED lights

    Hi audiophiles and fellow members, I'm Manoj Sivaraman being a DIY guy I love to fabricate, assemble and make things on my own. After building a DIY optical 5.1 channel receiver (please make sure to check out my entire build on the DIY section). I'll add this build plans for you guys if you wish...
  6. Manoj Sivaraman

    DIY Class D optical coaxial receiver with LCD and remote

    Intro Hi guys this is Manoj from Chennai. A novice electrical guy who loves to build stuff on his own. So without much about myself let's jump into the project. The quest: On 19-jan-18 the quest for AV receiver started after buying a Vu Iconium 50" 4K LED TV. Wasn't having a large headroom for...
  7. A

    In the Darbar of the Darbaris

    A couple of weeks back I was lucky to have heard the Darbaris - a pair of floorstanding speakers designed and crafted by our very own forum member, TCPIP. Let me admit upfront, these speakers look quite intimidating. Their design is unlike something you would have seen in a mass produced speaker...
  8. R

    Need Help!!...For a Decent Stereo set up

    Hello All First of all i beg your pardon if it sounds funny to you for the description below but am not a tech guy :o Am from Bangalore. All these days i was using my creative 5.1 surrounds and i know the sound quality difference between 5.1 surrounds and stereos. Now I am planning to get...
  9. dipdawiz

    A compact HT

    A compact HT, a term taken from trending automobile sensation now-a-days - "Compact" SUV/Sedan :D Though I always had the thought of having a dedicated HT room some day, but urban life never allowed to take any step towards that. And even when I was out for a better sound for my TV few...
  10. R

    Sharing experience of DIY Fixed Screen

    This is for the benefit of people thinking of DIY fixed screen option I am sharing my experience during making my Home Theatre in 2014 and this need not be the benchmark but only a guidance. At the starting I was wondering how to get a good carpenter who can understand the application and...
  11. G

    Dynatech pro amp

    Hi I'm considering buying a free standing amplifier (1000w or more RMS per channel) for a passive sub. Driver is Dayton 12" Ultimax in 4cuft ported enclosure. Sub enclosure will be ready only by October. (Right now the driver is in 2Cuft sealed with 500W dayton plate amp but power is not...
  12. S

    My HT@Hyderabad

    Hello guys, i was looking to build my HT and have been doing some research on the same by going through this forum and sites similar to this. I have gone to different places and had a demo of different setups in Hyderabad and also few places in Coimbatore (checked few places when i went there)...
  13. H

    For Sale DIY-SKA GB150D module kit Simple Killer Amplifier by Greg Ball

    Hi All I like to put two SKA GB150D module kit Simple Killer Amplifier by Greg Ball on sale. Actually planned for DIY don't have the time so like to sell it here if anybody going to build one. SKA GB150D POWER AMPLIFIER KIT includes below items Two PCB from Jims audio thats of excellent...
  14. T

    DIY Rubanoide Improvised

    Hi there, My attempt at a slightly improvised/worse rubanoide design . Playing full range for fun. The horizontal dispersion is unbelievable ... it sound very similar on and off axis ..very even across the room..while the vertical dispersion is not good. There is a fall in SPL after 11...
  15. V

    DIY: Wall mounted Sub to LED (using old components)

    Not to tell again the advantage of a sub for better sound stage and depth. I was wondering for long if I can hook a woofer to my wall mounted TV without compromising space and money. Here is the summary of my DIY mini project over a weekend. With very basic knowledge of electronics and soldering...
  16. smedhavi

    Large DIY cabinet design for full-range speakers

    Hi, I am planning to build a cabinet for a pair of Audio Nirvana Classic 10inch full-range speakers with regular Ferrite magnets. This would be a long drawn project with years of tweaking and fine tuning. So it would be good to know what people on this forum have learned from their past...
  17. A

    DIY Speaker Cables

    So I finally got the WArfedale Diamond 220 with the Marantz PM5004 connected to my MSI Ge-62 via a SMSL Sanskrit dac. Now i want to make some Diy cables (the speakers are wired with some crap cables for now :( ), would be a good weekend project and would save me some money too. Now all the...
  18. P

    USB reader (can play MP3) with FM radio receiver and remote control for just Rs.150 !

    Hi FM, While at SP road (Bangalore) today to purchase some speaker drivers and cables, I just chanced upon this fantastic assembled kit: it has three input ports (USB for MP3 playback, Aux, and one more which looks like an SD card slot - it reads "TF") and an inbuilt FM receiver. Output is...
  19. A

    Speaker Driver

    I want to buy 4" 4ohm speaker driver or 3" 4ohm for DIY...if anybody deals with the same pls let me know..
  20. cybervinay

    For Sale Eminence Alpha 8a 8" woofer driver - Pair - 125W

    Selling a used pair of 8" driver I used this for one small project. Not in use for quite long time In very good condition. Nice Reviews everywhere Bought For INR 6000 Pair Selling for INR 3000 Pair plus shipping. Here are the specifications Amazon.com: Eminence American Standard Alpha...