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dolby atmos ht

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  1. S

    5.1.2 speakers for Yamaha RX-V585

    Hi everyone, I got an Yamaha RX-V585 AV receiver. I want a decent 5.1.2 setup (usage- movie:music=50:50). Living room size is 10×24 feet with viewing area 10×12 feet (couch 12 feet away from tv, rear side of couch open). I am thinking about Dali Zensor 3/5 as front LR, Zensor Vokal as center...
  2. S

    Which 5.1.2 speakers for Yamaha RX-V585?

    Hi everyone, I just purchased an Yamaha RX-V585 AV receiver. I want a decent 5.1.2 setup (usage- movie:music=50:50). But I am having a hard time finding the right speakers. My budget is around 60k (can strech a little bit). My request to all gurus here: Please help me find the right speakers.
  3. S

    help needed setting up new ht

    Hi everyone, im new to this forum.i wanted to set up a new ht in my house.My journey started couple of weeks back.i initially wanted to buy yamaha yht 2910 which is priced around 40k.i was new to this world.i thought it was a better one.i dont know anything about avrs and speakers.once i...
  4. N

    are there any dolby atmos AVRs under 50K??

    Hello all.... are there any dolby atmos AVRs under 50K?? Currently I have the following speakers: 5.1 speaker set from yht196 5.0 taga tav606se speaker set one 12inch sub (I can add one more sub if needed) I hope its a good idea to build a dolby atmos setup by using my existing items. Would...
  5. R

    Hello everyone, Buying my first Home Theater finally :)

    My First post in Hifivision. I am a Malayalee born and raised in Rajasthan. So when we used to visit Kerala during holidays the only activity we had was meet all relatives. The only memory I had of those houses were the Sound Systems, if someone had a home theater I used to think someday I will...
  6. Santy

    Dolby Atmos for Home Theatre?

    Looks like it might take another decade of technology and marketing to convince consumers to upgrade from 7.1. The Dolby Atmos Home Theater Paradox | Audioholics And here's a digest on the rivaling technology from DTS that is mentioned in the above article: DTS MDA