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  1. I

    Do you want to cut the cord?

    I know this thread is in wrong section but I want to get opinions from cable and DTH users. Friends, I took the decision to cut chord and go for on-line ad-free entertainment. My current setup is amazon fire stick 4K, apple TV and laptop (if needed) interfaced to AVR that connect to Sony TV...
  2. I

    Dilemma Tata Sky v/s Airtel

    My patience with Hathway is over. Although their service is good, they don't have intention to give dolby digital to at least all movie channels. My costly HT setup is not getting utilized. I'm thinking of trying Tata Sky or Airtel DTH. I have feedback from this forum that Airtel has very good...
  3. A

    Ditch DTH !!??

    Hello Everyone, Since Internet rates have dropped substantially and unlimited data has become affordable is there a way to completely ditch DTH/Cable connections and just hookup the TV to the internet and watch all channels ? I mean why pay a hefty price for HD channels? Also with the Internet...
  4. M

    Airtel Internet TV

    Airtel has launched new STB, which is basically Android TV. So once connected to your wifi/Ethernet, you can do all sorts of things - youtube, Netflix, Chromecast/google cast. They are also in negotiation to bring amazon prime. As part of introductory offer, STV+12 months of all channels...
  5. A

    Airtel HD Upgrade disappointment

    Today I got my SD to HD+ upgrade for Airtel DTH. I must say that I am completely disappointed with the entire process and its output. They gave me a STB with only HDMI ports. No Video Component output, i.e. no YPbPr/YCbCr out. The problem is that my TV has just 2 HDMI ports and now one port...
  6. A

    5.1 Surround does not work while playing through HDMI

    Devices TV - Samsung 3D HDTV UA40D6600WRXZN HT - Samsung-HT-D330K 5.1 DTH - SunDirect HD Setup The Home Theatre is connected to TV via Digital optical cable.(HT doesn't have HDMI, optical is the only option). Now the DTH is connected to TV via HDMI (ARC). TV has 4 HDMI ports and only...
  7. G

    HELP needed with DEN DIGITAL Set top box

    hi i had until now an LG crt tv which worked perfectly with the cisco manufactured DEN digital set top box model 3410DVB.i recently upgraded to a panasonic 50inch FHD tv.i have the following queries from my fellow members: 1.can a single set top box provide output for two TV's at the same...
  8. S

    Need help on connecting a home theatre system

    Hi Friends, I am planning to buy a new Sony IV-300 DTH Home theatre system. I already have a Panasonic Blu ray player DMP-BD77 model and Sun Direct HD DTH connection. My TV is Sony Bravia LCD(It has two HDMI outputs). Requirement: 1)I need to insert a blu ray disc or DVD and hear the...
  9. G

    which HD DTH connection to subscribe to?

    hi all I was wondering which HD DTH service should i subscribe to given the fact that i am new to the DTH service concept as i a subscriber of my local cabel TV operator through a DEN digital STB installed on my LG CRT.i require this DTH service for my upcoming purchase of a 47-50 inch FHD...
  10. D

    A good dth with full hd picture and 5.1 sound

    i like to buy a dth system mainly for movies. i am really crazy about full hd picture and 5.1 sound in moves.. so which dth platform best for me. ...
  11. B

    ARC port in TV

    Hello friends, I have setup an Onkyo TX-NR626 Amp with my Samsung 46C6200 LED TV, Tata-Sky, DVD player, etc. While I will have Amp switched on for most occasions, I (or my kids) may want to watch Tata-Sky channels without the Amp (i.e. when its in Stand-By mode). However, this requires my...
  12. N

    Query: Smart TVs channel navigation and DTH channel navigation

    Hello! I'd be getting my first SMART TV, considering getting 46" Samsung F8000 LED TV. I really love the navigation interface for channel surfing and Samsung Link. Am I right to assume that I won't be able to use any of that once I connect the TV to a DTH stb such as Tata Sky via HDMI...
  13. I

    Suggestions on Panasonic L42ET60D & Decent BluRay Home Theater

    Hello tech friends, I plan to purchase TV along with a home theater system. While my first choice was the ST60 series (50 inch), it went out of budget and availability in Mumbai was an issue. So have shortlisted L42ET60D. Plan to purchase a blu-ray HT system alongside. Seek your views/feedback...
  14. muradasa7

    Happy with Videocon d2h

    I really had a pleasant experience with Videocon d2h and would like to share it with all of you. Having recently purchased an apartment in Cochin i wanted a DTH for my Samsung 32inch LED TV. Since i already have TS HD and Airtel HD at my chennai residence wanted to try another provider...
  15. J

    Did Videocon D2H discontinued HD DVR due to quality issues?

    Hi, I was looking for a new DTH connection and contacted Videocon. They are saying that they no longer sell HD DVR. Is this true? They are saying there are lots issues with the HD DVR. May I know people who are using Videocon HD DVR having issues ? Thanks, John.
  16. P

    Tata Sky vs. Videocon D2H

    Hi, I'm switching to HD soon and I'd like to know what advantages Videocon provides over Tata Sky and vice versa. I'm currently using Tata Sky SD and am reasonably satisfied with their service and equipment. How would Videocon compare on this front?
  17. P

    DTH Power Supply not displayed after switching ON

    Hi, I observed a weird problem with my DTH box at my village. When I switch ON the DTH machine, the power is not displayed in the machine. and when I Just detach the cable coming from the antenna, the power returns. And now as the power is displayed, I attach the cable back to the machine, and...
  18. subbu

    TATA SKY HD - Weird issue. Please suggest.

    I have been using Tata SKY HD since 2010. When I took connection I purchased setup box on my own and it run without any problem till about a month ago. About a month back I observed, through HDMI port, Audio is not coming. But if I restart (power off/on) some time audio might come. Through...
  19. S

    Looking for a new DTH HD connection

    Hi Guys, After going through a lot of posts here, i got confused which one to go for...I would be really thankful if some of the users who are using any of the HD connection available in india, can post their views about picture quality and audio quality(5.1?). Also how about the non HD...
  20. D

    Any STB with ananlog 5.1 audio output?

    Hi. I read through the existing threads but could not find a straight answer to the following question: Is there any Set Top Box that has analog output for 5.1 channel audio? I am currently using Airtel DTH (non-HD) hooked to my 40" LED TV (which has only stereo headphone out and optical...