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Wharfedale EVO 4.1 4.2 Speakers
  1. K

    Sony HT IV 300 - 4k passthrough issues when using Laptop

    Hi, I recently purchased sony HT IV 300 home theater system. It is connected to my Samsung QLED Q60R model using HDMI ARC. My TV does not support DTS HD MA/Dolby TrueHD passthrough via HDMI arc which is a bummer since I am mostly watching 4K HDR content with loseless audio. I have been...
  2. A

    For Sale Philips Fidelio Wireless Home Theater with 6 months warranty

    Hi, Putting up for sale my Philips Fidelio B5 Wireless Home Theater. This was purchased from Vijay Sales on 31st March 2017 hence within warranty. My purchase price was INR 45,000 My expected price is INR 35,000 Current MRP in Croma: INR 52,000 Reason for sale: have been gifted a...
  3. A

    Pioneer AVR: Tata Sky HD = Dolby Digital, but desktop = PCM..why?

    Hi..I had created a thread on this few years back - received few answers but I could never figure it out completely. Got busy in office and left it the way it was. Now I have some free time due to 4 days holidays this week. Hence want to retry. Here is the issue: I have a Pioneer 1020 AVR...
  4. G

    Need Suggestion

    I am an educationist. Not interested in today's loud DJ typed sound bluster. Want to listen crystal clear clarity sound in my room 15 ft by 12 ft room after returning from office. Love to enjoy Kishore, Lata, Asha's melody with full treble along with moderate bass. Want to buy a decent home...
  5. T

    Help, 5.1 speakers for gaming, dolby digital, f&d f5090 connectivity!!!

    hello, i am looking to buy 5.1 speakers for gaming only. I have narrowed down my selection to f&d f5090. But here i have run into a problem as i have zero knowledge of RCA jacks given in the specifications description page of the product.(F&D F5090 | 5.1 Home Theater Speakers |...
  6. D

    Dolby/5.1 audio input to DAV-TZ215 HT system

    Hi I have a DAV-TZ215 HT system. I would like to connect my ASUS O!Play Mini to DAV-TZ215 and get dolby effect The ASUS O!Play Mini has an optical out but DAV-TZ215 has only analogue IN, which means only stereo effect or an virtual 5.1 effect can only be got. My question is 1. Is there a...
  7. B

    Blu Ray player which can play .AC3

    Hi, Is there any Blu Ray player which can play .AC3 (5 channel) or .DTS (5 channel) audio Thanks in advance Ben
  8. ganendra

    About digital audio out

    I have recently purchased a 32 inch samsung led tv. It has a digital optical out port.I want to know 1) Does this output port provides 5.1 DTS true audio? 2) I have to purchase a 5.1 speaker system with digital optical input port? My TATA SKY HD stb has a coaxial output. So if the...
  9. A

    No audio when playing Dts-Hd Master Audio Samples on Ps3

    Im having problems playing a dts master audio file I downloaded from here*http://www.demo-worl...on-trailers.php This is what I did. Downloaded the file to my usb then inserted it on my ps3, plays the video fine but my onkyo 3500 system does not pick up any sound. My reciever does not produce...
  10. P

    LG LW6500 - Unsupported Audio DTS

    Most disappointment after purchasing LG LW6500, as it is not supporting DTS Audio. After googling I have come to know that LG has not taken license for DTS in India. Requested the support center to know what are their plans to take the license. But they replied it cannot be possible.
  11. surendar

    DTS always sound better than Dolby Digital?

    Few DVDs I watched which I think has better DTS sound: 1) Terminator 2 Judgment Day Ultimate Edition by Artisan(Region 1, 2000) 2) Lord of the Rings Trilogy Newline platinum series extended Edition (Region 1) 3) The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Special Edition by Blue Underground(Region...
  12. D

    Rotel rsx-965 blues

    Hi Guys, this is my setup. 1) Rotel RSX-965 2)sony dvd player (2008 model) 3)Jamo s-408 speakers (front) 4) KEF monitor 100 centre 5)Profx bookshelves as rears. I have tried three different dvd player on the rotel and the optical/coaxial DTS signal doesnt seem to be decoding. I just...
  13. moserw

    DTS 5.1, SACD or DVD-Audio

    Hi, Any members from Hyderabad or those who are aware of any place in Hyderabad that sells CDs of mainstream artists in DTS/5.1, SACD or DVD-Audio. I am looking to move my music collection to 5.1 and any help/pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance!!!