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Mogami Cables
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    Hi From Texas

    Hi Just joined as I Found a Dual 1219 on my local Craigslist.. 100$ and he said it worked and would demo it for me.Got there and he said the platter would not spin, did I want ti for free? I like free. He said it has been sitting for 3 years but just before he stopped using it he had it...
  2. S

    Dual Turntables

    If any one needs help with restoring Dual Turntables in India, I can help. My Collection : Dual 1229 - idler drive Dual 1228 - idler drive Audio Technica PL120 - direct drive Akai AP 004 - belt drive Philips 242 - belt drive Sansui 717 - legendary amp Sansui 555 - legendary amp Sansui...
  3. K

    Dual TT - Should I?

    I came across a Dual TT today (1214) which is apparently working fine except it does not have the cartridge holder that goes into the headshell (if you know Dual TTs you know what I mean). Can someone please guide me if the cartridge holder can be found somewhere - if so I will pick up the TT.
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    Garrard Vs Dual Turntable - need advice

    Greetings Vintage-audiophiles, I came across some deals which seem pretty decent, First one - not so interested Philips vintage hi q international record player with three speed control Second, Garrard Zero 100 transcription automatic 2 speeds TT seller claims he has upgraded the...