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dual voltage

Audiolab 6000CDT Dedicated CD Transport
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    Need help on how to switch between dual voltages in BIC PL-200

    Hi, I recently purchased a BIC ACOUSTECH PL-200 subwoofer with the confirmation that this unit can be configured to work with both 110v & 240v on amazon Q&A. However I'm still struggling to archive above due to lack of information on the web. I tried to contact BIC Acoustech but I haven't...
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    AVR + Speakers from US

    I know this topic's been done to death, and might not warrant a new thread, but bear with me guys. Just this one time. I'm coming back to India in a couple of months, and was planning to buy a AVR with some speakers. That said, 1. AVR: Does it make sense to buy one from one of: Audio Video...