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  1. Rupam

    Recommendations of DVD-Audio album

    hi friends, Anybody in this forum owns DVD-Audio ? I'm eager to listen to some good DVD-Audio albums. Can you please recommend some albums? They should be available in India because I don't want to purchase from amazon. Thanks
  2. A

    Eureka: CD/FLAC/MP3 to DVD-Audio

    This is going to be a lengthy post. The objective of the post is to help you in converting your CD/FLAC/MP3 to DVD-Audio. Caveat: 1. Converting MP3/FLAC/CD will not improve the audio quality to DVD-A. The reason for this conversion is as below: a. CD ==> DVD-A lets you store many CDs...
  3. akhil7j

    How to burn a DVD-Audio from FLAC files

    Hi, Is it possible to burn an Audio DVD from FLAC files? Reason is just more capacity. An audio-dvd will have 4.3GB of data and CD has just 700mb. And, will i be able to play it on any DVD player? Although i searched a little and came to know that I need a DVD authoring s/w which is not...
  4. moserw

    DTS 5.1, SACD or DVD-Audio

    Hi, Any members from Hyderabad or those who are aware of any place in Hyderabad that sells CDs of mainstream artists in DTS/5.1, SACD or DVD-Audio. I am looking to move my music collection to 5.1 and any help/pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks a ton in advance!!!