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dvd player

Wharfedale Evo 4.2
  1. U

    If a player (CD/DVD/BDP) has an digital out does it still matter if is audiophile grade?

    Get a feeling by reading threads here that FMs "prefer" expensive audiophile grade dedicated CD players and frown upon consumer brands DVD/BDP players like Philips, Sony etc. But if these consumer grade players have a digital out (SPDIF/Coax) for audio then does it matter if it is audiophile...
  2. Kannan

    For Sale Dune Hard Disk Media Player

    Up for grabs is a Dune Hard Disk Media player. The HD Max. in mint condition. Full control with android app Asking price 12,500 plus shipping, Prefer Chennai pick up though. Have original box and remote. Can include one 1TB hard disk in internal bay for additional Rs. 1000 Reason for sale: Not...
  3. M

    For Sale Marantz SACD/CD/DVD Player DV7001

    Hi, as a part of my 'thinning' exercise, I am letting go of my beloved SACD player- Marantz SACD/CD/DVD Player- DV7001. It has a very resolving and pleasing sound. I have used it less than 11 times in the last 4 years. So, virtually, it has not even been 'burnt-in'. Its a great player in its...
  4. ketanpote69

    For Sale Sony BDP-S1500 Blu-Ray Disc Player (Compact)

    Pre owned Sony BDP-S1500 Blu-Ray Disc Player (Compact).This is in pristine condition sparingly used with original box pack and accessories. Full HD 1080 Connects to the internet for enjoyment of diverse full HD online contents Connects to HDD upto 1 TB for Music, Movies, Photos. Blu-ray player...
  5. J

    Dvd player with HDMI out and usb 5.1 playback

    hi i want to purchase a dvd player with hdmi out put and it should play 1080p movies with 5.1 channel audio from usb. So that i can connect a hard disk or pen drive to the dvd to enjoy dts movies with my 5.1 sound system and FullHD tv. Thanks in advance.
  6. M

    Help!!! Need help connecting Creative Home Theater with LG TV

    Ahoy Experts! I am new to this forum and off late I have been researching a lot on utilizing my old Creative 5.1 Home Theater with my LG TV. Since I am not too much into audio systems and all, I was getting confused on how to proceed with it so after researching a lot I realized that this...
  7. A

    Does DD 5.1 can be heard through Analog 5.1 Multichannel?

    Hi All, Hope all are doing good. I have a question - My friend has a DVD player with 5.1 analog multichannel out and Philips 5.1 speaker system with 5.1 analog inputs. If he plays a DVD movie that encoded with DD 5.1, will he able to get DD 5.1 surround sound effect? Thanks
  8. ashokec

    How good is Marantz Hollywood Take 2

    Hi Friends I was looking for AV receiver with speakers and found this one! Marantz Hollywood Take 2 Marantz Hollywood Take 2 home cinema system - AVReview Home cinema reviews Found a 2 years old one. What price I can go for it? One draw back is it doesn't have HDMI out. Regards...
  9. K

    Quick Buy: DVD Player help

    Hello One & All, First off, I am overwhelmed with the kind of content & advice available in this forum. It's ironic I never was a member earlier [when those "big" purchases were made!], but then again, it's better late than never. Cheers to those who have posted prompt, polite, concise &...
  10. I

    DVD/USB/Cassette Player

    Dear, I need a Compact Audio Player with facility to play almost all popular formats like DVD/ACD (WAV,mp4 & mp3)/USB/Cassettes etc with best Sound Quality. Will you please suggest soon??
  11. R

    Recommendation needed

    I have a home theater - Denon 1910, paradigm speakers, Sony Bravia LCD Tv, Tata Sky HD, PS3. The PS3 doubles as BluRay player but due to region restriction I am unable to play all local DVDs; it looks like BluRay discs do not yet have regional restriction. I am looking to buy a DVD player...
  12. S

    Recommended DVD player for good HT system

    Hi. I have a home theater system with denon 1909 receiver, wharfedale diamond series front, center and surround speakers and ground firing wharfedale PC12 subwoofer. However, the DVD player is from philips. This Philips DVD player gives optical out for audio and S-video for video. I have...
  13. C

    How to Connect Marantz Amp, LCD TV, Sony PS2, DVD Player

    Hi, I need some information on connecting the following devices to LCD TV without changing the AV cables everytime. 1. Sony PS2 2. Moser Baer DVD player 3. Marantz Amplifier connected to Mission Tower Speakers. 4. LG 26" LCD TV. When I use PS2, I connect it to LCD Directly. When I...
  14. J

    Best DVD Players

    Please suggest a DVD Player with the best output when played with Denon 1601, Wharfdale Diamond 10.1/2 & JBL 5.1. The player should be able to play all DVDs original and copied without any hassles and should be able to play DVDs of all regions.
  15. kksunil

    What is the difference between a CDP & a regular DVD Player?

    Hello Everyone, This is my first post though I have been an active reader for sometime. May be this is a stupid questions, still... What is the difference between a CDP & a regular DVD Player? People here rate a CDP better than a DVD player? Isn't the same ? If someone has a DVD player...
  16. A

    DVD Player USB port and Hard Disk access

    Hi all Very informative site. Great going guys. I own many Panasonic products and I bought this home theater system SA-PT150 last year and its great so far. This model comes with a USB port as well which reads pen drives of 4 GB (I havent tried higher capacity ones yet) but when I connect...
  17. T

    HD Media Player vs HDMI DVD Player

    Friends, First, thanks to all members who helped me to freeze the following models for HDMI HT as Onkyo 6200 & Full HD LCD as LG LH35FR . Finally now searching for a USB player to play my movies & music. Q1) Unable to decide whether the player should be HDMI DVD Player (Philips 3388) or HD...
  18. R

    External drive to Tv connection help

    Help needed to connect my seagate external portable USB drive to my lcd Tv .Tv doesnt have any usb port.Is there anu cable for this or is there any DVD player through which I can connect and watch movies
  19. D

    Rotel rsx-965 blues

    Hi Guys, this is my setup. 1) Rotel RSX-965 2)sony dvd player (2008 model) 3)Jamo s-408 speakers (front) 4) KEF monitor 100 centre 5)Profx bookshelves as rears. I have tried three different dvd player on the rotel and the optical/coaxial DTS signal doesnt seem to be decoding. I just...
  20. H

    Best DVD player for music

    Hi, I'm asking my friend to bring me a DVD player . Please suggest one considering the following : 1.Budget : 6-7K INR Max 2.It should be very very good with music ( playing audio CDs ) 3.DivX capability. 4.Region free 5.USB ( Want to play .avi movies from USB pen drive + play...