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Wharfedale Linton Heritage Speakers
  1. E

    Wanted OPPO 103 Blu Ray Player

    Hi Looking out for a pristine condition OPPO 103 Blu Ray player...preferred Region Free.... I saw other older models available and would like the 103 model due to its connectivity options... Should have all the accessories along with it. I am sure those owning such players would have...
  2. Seabees

    Coke Studio,Pakistan-DVD

    Any idea if Coke Studio (Pakistan Edition) has released any DVDs & Where can I get DVDs in India?
  3. RMCWS

    English subtitles for Anjali movie

    I have recently got a print (VCD rip) of the 1990 Maniratnam's Anjali (Anjali (1990) - IMDb). Though I was looking for a dvd but could not find one. This rip does not contain any subtitle and I don't understand Tamil. Was looking for subtitles (srt files) in different sites but could not...
  4. S

    For Sale Oppo 983H -Audiophile DVD player in excellent condition.

    Approximately 6 years old, Single owner, Bought by a relative from US, Used for 3 years and lying unused at Navi Mumbai since June 2011 as I moved to Pune. Reason for sale- Not using it, Working flawlessly and in great cosmetic condition, Have all the original accessories and packing...
  5. I

    Tamil - Favorite Songs in CD/DVD - Where to in Chennai?

    Dear Forum Members, I am desperately on the hunt TO record my favorite songs of Tamil Music Directors. I called up and mailed a lot of audio label companies/shops. Some responded and many didn't. What I got to know - Only you can buy whole movie CDS or Compilations but nobody does...
  6. ashokec

    Need help in converting DVD player to Dolby receiver

    Hi I have a DVD player with Dolby decoder. I want to convert it so that it can decode 5.1 Dolby from SPDIF. If you have any ideas please share. Regards Ashok
  7. S

    Why do my DVDs play louder than Blu rays?

    Hi, On my system (see signature), DVDs play much louder (can't say better but they almost sound the same in quality) than blu-rays. This is especially true of recent DVDs. I haven't tried apples-to-apples with dvd and blu-ray of the same movie but more movies i watch the more i am convinced...
  8. Rupam

    Original Millennium Trilogy at Rs. 849 on flipkart

    Hi, The original Millennium Trilogy DVD (Swedish film) is available on flipkart at a very attractive price of 849/- Flipkart.com: Millenium Trilogy: Movie: Swedish DVD 2001 The ImDB reviews > The Girl Who Played with Fire (2009) - IMDb The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest (2009) - IMDb...
  9. U

    For Sale Wharfedale Front/Centre, DVD Player and Denon Amplifier

    I have the follow up for sale: Wharfedale Xarus 5000 Series Front Floor standing speaker: 12000/- Wharfedale Centre Speaker WH-2 : 6000/- Panasonic DVD Player XV10: 1100/- Denon Apmlifier AVR-1604: 12000/- I am not using my home setup too often so thought to put it up for sale. They are...
  10. P

    For Sale DVDs Imported from USA

    - Everything imported from USA. Therefore, Region 1 - Everything in mint condition - Price is mentioned for each title below. - Shipping is extra. All parcels dispatched through DTDC Carrier. 400 - All the President's Men (Two-Disc Special Edition) (1976) 700 - Boot, Das - The Original Uncut...
  11. R

    For Sale Pioneer DV-220 :: DVD Player

    Pioneer DV-220 Player BNiB (Brand New in Box) INR 3500/- FREE HDMI CABLE INCLUDED Reason for sale : Unwanted gift Location : Bangalore Willing to ship : Yes, provided full payment is made prior to shipping. Will pack and ship professionally, courier charges as per actual...
  12. R

    PQ of SD Channels, HD channels, DVD (4.5 Gb), blu ray, 700 MB div

    Hi Mates, need a help My cousin brother is planning to buy LCD TV , after some research he selected samsung LA40C530 40 inch full hd 1080p lcd tv. But he is thinking about 32 inch too bcoz SD channels not looks good in 40 inch -- > he mostly use it for viewing SD channels (even he...
  13. C

    Buy a DVD player

    I am a novice - need to buy a player that can play all my CDs and play DVD when I wish to watch a movie. I want to buy a LCD projector to create my own home theater later. I am buying an audio system - Danon amp and Jamo speakers - hope there would not be any compatibility issues? Need to know...
  14. M

    Remove Scratches from CD/DVDs

    I have a huge collection of Audio CDs and movie DVDs and would treat them like GOD and kept them with lot of respect, but then when I had kids these CDs became their play toys. Although I was under supervision while they played with it, they caught a lot of surface scratches and some deep ones...
  15. S

    Music quality on VCD vs Audio CD?

    I have an AVR Onkyo-sr508 plus 2 Polk Tsi 200 speakers, philips dvd player. If I just listen to songs from VCD/Video DVD (switching my TV off) rather than the Audio CD, will the sound quality be poor? Thanks for your opinions. - Sanjiv
  16. Kannan_madhu

    Suggestion on shoe string budget setup ..

    Hi i am Madhu , i recently bought a Sony 32ex300 lcd and most of my budget is blown on it and i need a DVD and surround speakers but very tight on budget , can you suggest a DVD player + 5.1 speakers for 8K which sounds ok . will dvds with component out only give the hd ready...
  17. U

    For Sale Panasonic DVD-XV10 DVD Player

    I have a Panasonic DVD-XV10 region free dvd player. I owned it for some 2-3 years. Its an excellent All Aluminum metal body extremly shiny looks .. in new condition. Multiregion DVD player Ultra slim design (just 52 mm high) DVD, CD, VCD, CD-R/RW, MP3 and DVD-R Playback Progress...
  18. P

    For Sale DVD Clearance Sale (All US Imported Editions)

    Everything imported from USA Everything is in mint condition. 1-2 titles are even Brand new as indicated Price indicated next to each title Shipping is flat Rs.50 to any location in India. Buy 3 or more titles and shipping is free. 450 - All the President's Men - Two-Disc Special Edition (1976)...
  19. surendar

    DTS always sound better than Dolby Digital?

    Few DVDs I watched which I think has better DTS sound: 1) Terminator 2 Judgment Day Ultimate Edition by Artisan(Region 1, 2000) 2) Lord of the Rings Trilogy Newline platinum series extended Edition (Region 1) 3) The Bird with the Crystal Plumage Special Edition by Blue Underground(Region...
  20. vramak

    720p files vs 1080p files

    Is there a significant difference between (upscaled) 720p files and 1080p files on a medium size (40"-50") 1080p TV, assuming compression quality is the same ? My Inglourious Basterds blu ray looks only slightly better than the DVD, at normal viewing distance on my 42" 720p TV. So I wanna know...